Jailed in Suffolk and north Essex in January: A drink driver, a shoplifter, and a burglar

Here is our monthly look back at some of the criminals jailed in Suffolk and north Essex courts in January.

A prolific shoplifter who committed his 148th offence was jailed for 12 weeks.

Richard ‘Ricky’ Florian, 42, of Linnet Road, Bury St Edmunds, committed a string of shoplifting offences starting the day after he received a four week suspended sentence. Florian was approached by a member of staff in H&M and protested his innocence but was exposed by the price tag hanging from his clothing.

A woman who threatened to buy a knife and stab someone was jailed for 1 year and 4 months.

Georgina Manning, 54, of Connaught Road, Haverhill, attended an appointment with her probation officer and produced a razor blade and a nail file from her pockets - she said she was frustrated with the lack of support from the mental health service and threatened to buy a knife and stab someone.

A Shotley father with five drink-driving convictions was jailed for 36 weeks.

Christopher Pitt, 30, of Shotley, took his mother’s car without consent and crashed it into a hedge. He had been seeing out two suspended prison terms when it happened.

A former Ipswich man who raped and sexually assaulted a schoolgirl was jailed for 12 years.

Lovemore Muzadzi, 40, of Strickland Manor Hill, Yoxford, originally denied the offences but changed his plea to guilty during his trial last year. He also denied assaulting another schoolgirl and this charge was ordered to be left on the court file.

A bankrupt used car dealer who left more than 30 customers £35,000 out of pocket was jailed for four years.

Richard Palmer, 51, of Bury Farm, Great Canfield, Dunmow, pocketed deposits and sold the same car to multiple people while running Hammond Autos in Newmarket.

A Suffolk man who threatened a 17-year-old girl and a retired woman with a hammer was jailed for 5 years and 3 months.

Terry Jones, 32, of Cutters Close, Beck Row, left two teenage girls traumatised after he chased them with a hammer down the street while trying to grab a handbag from one of them. Shortly afterwards he tried to steal a 62-year-old woman’s handbag when she told him to stop Jones raised the hammer at her.

A heroin addict has been jailed for 56 weeks after admitting to eight offences of shoplifting.

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Patrick Crow, 29, of Cangle Junction, Haverhill, stole alcohol and other items from shops in Haverhill. He was caught on CCTV taking things like headphones, a vacuum cleaner and confectionary.

A man who pushed a bottle containing petrol through a letter box has been jailed for four years and 1 month.

Jermaine O’Connor, 30, of no fixed address, pushed the bottle through the letter box of his ex-girlfriend’s new partners house because he was upset about the relationship. He admitted nine offences in total, including assault and robbery against his ex’s friends and family.

A burglar has been jailed for two years and five months following a break-in in Halstead.

James Zammutt-Cook, 26, of no fixed address fled the Halstead home when the victim woke up and confronted him. He was then arrested when the victim’s cards were found in a betting shop bin - Zammutt-Cook also admitted to 28 other offences.

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