Jailed killer protests his innocence

CONVICTED killer Simon Hall has spoken publicly for the first time since being jailed for life for the murder of a frail pensioner, declaring “I'm not the man responsible”.

By Danielle Nuttall

CONVICTED killer Simon Hall has spoken publicly for the first time since being jailed for life for the murder of a frail pensioner, declaring “I'm not the man responsible”.

The 27-year-old former accounts worker, who was found guilty of stabbing Capel St Mary pensioner Joan Albert to death, posted a message on his website speaking of his ordeal and warning the public the killer is still at large.

It comes weeks after the East Anglian Daily Times revealed Hall had been given fresh hopes of freedom after it emerged the pathologist who gave evidence at his trial is being investigated for alleged errors in his work.

Hall, who previously lived in Hill House Road, Ipswich, and worked in Colchester, told his website, Justice 4 Simon: “From a psychological point of view, it must be a relief for the public when they learn from whatever media source that a man has been charged with murder and it must be an even bigger relief when that man is convicted of the crime.

“I can understand the general public's fear of a killer walking around amongst them.

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“I obviously appreciate the necessity of putting whoever is responsible behind bars as soon as possible but I am not the man responsible for this crime and that gives me the unfortunate task of telling you that there is a loony still out there.”

He went on: “I can still remember the day when the officers came crashing through my front door, sending glass and wood splinters everywhere.

“That in itself was a shock but not as much as when they told me I was under arrest for murder. The moment is still as surreal now as it was then but I'm just glad my girlfriend was staying at her mother's that night because it wasn't very pleasant to say the least.”

Hall, a former East Bergholt High School and Chantry Sixth Form pupil, was found guilty of murdering 79-year-old Mrs Albert at her home in Boydlands, Capel, after a 12-day trial in February 2003.

The elderly widow was discovered dead by a neighbour in the hallway of her home on December 16, 2001. She had suffered stab wounds inflicted by a knife taken from the house.

Hall has sought leave to appeal twice since his conviction, however both requests have failed.

His solicitors are now preparing to forward his case to the Criminal Cases Review Commission, and his family is confident an appeal will be heard in the future.

Hall told the website: “I wish I could talk about the new evidence that we have, not to mention the long list of errors by apparent professionals, but cannot put at risk the chance of getting back into court to prove myself innocent and get my life back together.

“I've always been a very passive person and I remain so, even now after nearly three years of prison. I wonder if other people would feel this way.”

Hall used his message to thank his family and friends for the support they had given him since his arrest and the well wishes that had been left on his site.

“I read them all and I want you to know that it gives me great comfort knowing that so many people care about me and of course justice,” he wrote.

“As I write this I am filled with hope that I can soon be reunited with my family and friends. Many things are starting to happen and I am confident that I can be back into court sometimes in the not too distant future.

“I am fully aware that it isn't going to be an overnight thing and it may take years but I will not give up my fight, so I invite you all to join me as I make my way home.”

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