‘Obnoxious’ football fan’s night of celebration ends in arrest for triple assault

Mark Hardy assaulted two officers at the police investigation centre in Bury St Edmunds Picture: AR

Mark Hardy assaulted two officers at the police investigation centre in Bury St Edmunds Picture: ARCHANT - Credit: Archant

A Liverpool fan’s victory celebrations ended in arrest for assaulting his work supervisor and two police officers.

Mark Hardy's evening began in triumph as his team lifted the Champions League trophy earlier this month.

But the Liverpool supporter's night culminated in violence - resulting in a suspended prison sentence and the loss of his job.

The 36-year-old admitted one count of assault by beating and two counts of assaulting an emergency worker at Suffolk Magistrates' Court on Tuesday.

Hardy began drinking two hours before watching the match kick off at a friend's Haverhill address on June 1.

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Instead of heading home to Beech Grove after the final whistle, Hardy drunkenly chose to visit a colleague lodging at his supervisor's property.

After being angrily challenged by his supervisor, whose wife had been startled by his sudden appearance in the back garden, Hardy lashed out, continuing the outburst inside, where he threw several punches and landed one squarely in his supervisor's face.

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Prosecutor Lesla Small said Hardy's rage was then directed towards police officers, who he tried to intimate in custody following his arrest, adding: "He began pushing them with his shoulders and lining up his elbows with an officer's testicle and chest area - making contact on more than one occasion.

"They had to activate the alarm and restrain him."

In interview, Hardy accepted pushing against the officers after complaining about being handcuffed too tightly.

Duty solicitor Declan Gallagher said Hardy could not remember punching his supervisor but believed his entry onto the property had been by consent.

"His behaviour was generally obnoxious but amounted to nothing more than general jostling in custody," he added.

"Although he appeared to be lining up his elbow with the officer's testicle and chest area, it defies belief he was able to connect while handcuffed."

Mr Gallagher said Hardy was teetotal for some time before the incident, but was in high spirits and could not handle his drink.

He said Hardy had lost his job at a galvanising firm but hoped to shortly find work elsewhere.

Hardy was handed a six-week jail sentence, suspended for a year, and ordered to pay a total of £250 in compensation to his victims.

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