James Marston: My spring has sprung


Apparently it’s the start of spring this weekend. That’s what my colleague Richard, in what we affectionately call the Felixstowe bureau of the East Anglian Daily Times, tells me – at least meteorologically speaking.

The subject came up while we were discussing the drawbacks of living in a small seaside town in winter such as Felixstowe where I have a small flat with sea views (distant) - just in case regular readers don’t know.

I happened to mention winter must soon be over, finally, as I had spotted the emergence of a number of crocuses on what I call the crocus roundabout - and what other people call the Grove Road, Candlet Road and Garrison Lane roundabout – on the way in and, well, on the way out of the Edwardian spa town.

Anyway, whatever it is called, the crocuses – always a sure sign of spring – are out and I am much enthused.

I’m not much struck on Felixstowe from November until about now as the winter’s rages play havoc with my TV signal and it’s ghastly not having a telly even though there’s always nothing on.

Though, while I’m on the subject, regular readers will be pleased to hear my TV has since been fixed, heralding the reinstatement of Saturday afternoon Columbo.

In other news I have been in Ipswich surveying the scene with Giles’ Grandma in the middle of the town.

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My-plain-speaking-photographer-friend Lucy and I were out for coffee and an almond croissant – Lucy had a peppermint tea what with giving up coffee for Lent – and we were having a brainstorm, or, to be honest, more a conversation during which she tells me what to do, when her artistic side took over and she made me climb the plinth and draw attention to myself – again.

Meanwhile we’ve been out and about in Felixstowe meeting a new vicar – Reverend Caroline Allen – who had a remarkable story to tell (see page 62) which included giving up a high powered fashion job and global travel to answer her calling. Inspiring.

Added to this I have been talking about the scourge of debt to a lady called Glyn who was keen to tell her life story and to encourage others to seek help at the Citizens Advice Bureau before things get worse. It’s probably fair to say Glyn hasn’t had the easiest of times but her attitude to life and the future was humbling. Another inspiring lady.

I’m also upbeat because, dear readers, I am on day – as I write this – 45 of not smoking and that, as well as the crocus, really is another reason to be much enthused.