100mph McLaren driver thought officer in BMW was ‘out for a bit of sport’

Jason Dixon leaving Suffolk Magistrates' Court after admitting driving a McLaren 720S sports car at

Jason Dixon leaving Suffolk Magistrates' Court after admitting driving a McLaren 720S sports car at 100mph on the A14 Picture: ARCHANT - Credit: Archant

A speeding sports car driver who thought a pursuing police officer was “out for a bit of sport” has been banned from the road for 21 days.

Jason Dixon drove his McLaren 720S at 100mph along the A14 near Bury St Edmunds on January 12.

The 47-year-old admitted speeding along the 70mph stretch of road when he appeared at Suffolk Magistrates' Court, in Ipswich, on Monday.

The court heard how Dixon's white sports car was spotted entering the eastbound carriageway of the road at junction 43 and moving into the outside lane at significantly faster speed than other traffic.

A traffic officer in an unmarked BMW gave pursuit and caught up with Dixon's car as it slowed near junction 45 for Rougham.

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Before the officer could pull in front of his car, Dixon accelerated away at speed and left the main road at the next junction.

When pulled over in Thurston Road, Dixon said he thought the officer was "out for a bit off sport".

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He was originally charged with travelling at 120mph for 0.2 miles, which he denied, and which could not be proven due to a lack of a speedometer calibration certificate presented by the police.

Russell Butcher, representing Dixon, said his client had never accepted the original charge but admitted travelling at 100mph.

He said Dixon, of Crown Street, Bury St Edmunds, was director of an international company with four UK based staff, including two located outside Suffolk.

"He needs to be able to get to see these employees. That would be very difficult if he didn't drive," said Mr Butcher, who explained Dixon also needed his vehicle to look after his grandchildren and support his elderly mother.

Magistrates banned Dixon from driving for 21 days and imposed a £660 fine. He was also ordered to pay £620 in costs and a £66 statutory victim surcharge.

Police and Crime Commissioner, Tim Passmore said Dixon was extremely fortunate to receive only a 21 day ban and fine.

"Whilst I don't know the specific details of this case, I would need to be convinced that sentencing in such cases teaches the culprit a suitable lesson and acts as an effective deterrent to other drivers," he added.

"Why some motorists think they are beyond reproach completely beats me - in my opinion it's irresponsible and dangerous, and clearly breaks the law."

A spokesman for Suffolk police said: "Speed is included as one of the 'fatal four' offences which makes motorists more likely to be killed or injured in a collision. The other offences include drink-driving, driving whilst using a mobile phone and not wearing a seatbelt.

"Speed limits are implemented for a reason and drivers must ensure that they obey these limits in order to prevent any road related incidents."

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