Jealous husband threatened to cut wife’s throat

A DRUNKEN jealous husband, who pulled a knife on his wife and threatened to slit her throat, is under a restraining order today.

Trevor Hind was also given a ten-month suspended jail sentence for the attack, during which he asked his wife Victoria: “How does it feel knowing you are going to die?”

Hind, of Parkeston Road, Felixstowe, was sentenced at Ipswich Crown Court after admitting false imprisonment.

Prosecutor Godfried Duah said the couple had returned to their home in Mill Close, Trimley St Martin, near Felixstowe, after a night out on November 28.

Both had been drinking and early the following morning a row broke out over Mrs Hind’s ex-husband.

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During the argument Hind was said to have told his wife if he could not have her no one would.

The 41-year-old grabbed Mrs Hind around the neck, making her feel very scared, the court heard.

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The couple tussled and at one point Mrs Hind pushed her husband away with such force that he fell into the television in their flat.

She tried to run, but Hind tripped her up leaving her laying on her side kicking a unit against a wall in an attempt to get help.

Mr Duah said Mrs Hind was dragged towards the kitchen, screaming at the top of her voice.

Hind then grabbed his wife’s throat and squeezed. The court heard at one point she felt she had no more air left inside her.

Then Hind asked his wife how she felt knowing she was going to die. However, he let go as she promised to stop screaming.

Mrs Hind told him things did not have to end that way and asked “What about my children?”

Hind replied: “They will be better off without you.”

The court heard as the attack continued Hind said: “I’m sorry, but it’s got to end this way.”

The Felixstowe dock worker got a knife from the kitchen, put the point to Mrs Hind’s back and said: “I’m going to cut your throat.”

Mrs Hind finally persuaded her husband to let her into the bedroom to change her torn clothes.

The court heard she looked at the telephone, but Hind told her he was not a “mug” and had cut the wire.

After putting a dressing gown on Mrs Hind escaped by jumping 10ft from a bedroom window onto the grass below. She then ran to a neighbour’s and raised the alarm.

Roger Thomson, representing Hind, said: “He’s devastated about what he has done. He can’t understand why he did it.”

In addition to the restraining order and suspended sentence, Judge John Devaux ordered Hind to pay his estranged wife �1,000 compensation and �535 costs.

He must also take part in a domestic violence programme and get treatment for his alcoholism.

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