9 fitness experts who will help you stay fit at home

Rosie Ward, 5, doing PE with Joe Wicks at her home near Stowmarket Picture: SAM EMMENS

Rosie Ward, 5, doing PE with Joe Wicks at her home near Stowmarket Picture: SAM EMMENS - Credit: SAM EMMENS

Whether you want to tone up, gain muscle, shed fat or just maintain a healthy lifestyle during the coronavirus lockdown, join these influencers who will be sharing home workout videos to keep you fit, healthy and motivated.

Whitney Simmons

Workout with Whit and try one of her ‘hot fire flames’ routines to get your heart pumping. The GymShark queen has been sharing equipment-free workouts that can be adapted for both newbies and gym pros, which either target specific body parts or work the whole body. Dog lovers will enjoy special appearances from her two adorable dogs, Navy and Indigo, too! Follow @whitneyysimmons on Instagram, download her Alive by Whitney app and subscribe to her YouTube.

Stefanie Williams

Let Stef encourage you every step of the way by joining her live Instagram workouts. The 30-minute videos will keep you motivated as you power through a series of muscle-working, fat-burning exercises. Scroll through Stef’s page to find even more high-energy workouts that will make you wonder why you ever signed up to a pricy gym membership in the first place... Find Stef by following @stef_fit on Instagram.

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Adriene Mishler

Inhale, hold, then exhale, as you join Adriene for a challenging but enjoyable yoga session. If the idea of HIIT makes you queasy and weights intimidate you, keep fit with this low-impact exercise that will give your whole body a workout. Adiene has videos for all abilities on her YouTube channel, so jump right in and start stretching. Search @adrienelouise on Instagram, visit yogawithadriene.com or subscribe to her YouTube.

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Your FIRST ever workout session - You either get a rush of confidence and power ... or you feel absolutely exhausted and want to sleep! The next two days/ week are the hardest. You are sore in places you have never been sore in before, you don't know if you have injured yourself or if the pain is normal ... and you have no idea when you will walk properly again. You have no motivation to do ANOTHER session like that because your muscles are just TOO sore! You tell yourself 'I'll start again Monday' and maybe you do ... or maybe you are still feeling sore an unmotivated and you tell yourself 'another day'. Can I just say ladies, this is TOTALLY normal. Totally - 100% - NORMAL. It's normal to feel sore, demotivated, confused and frustrated! The first session is ALWAYS a shock - whether is good or bad. If it makes you feel better, no matter how long you have been training for, no matter how fit you are, no matter how well you eat .... you can STILL get sore, you can still be puffed out, you can still feel unmotivated and you can still have a bad day of eating. No one is perfect. We are ALL learning just as you are. All fitness levels, all different body types, from all different places in the world ... we are doing this together.. and everything you say, everything you feel - is normal... and it DOES get better - you get better. Keep at it ladies! You got this. #BBGatHOME #SWEATatHOME @sweat

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Kayla Itsines

Get bikini-body ready with this Aussie influencer who flexes on Instagram by modelling her sculped physique and sharing her client’s transformation pictures. Either follow her posts or purchase the Bikini Body Guide, which is a 12-week program combining HIIT and LISS. Be careful though, it’s not as easy as it looks! Get fit it Kayla by following @kayla_itsines on Instagram or by downloading the Bikini Body Guide.

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STILL SORE from this workout Week 1 Legs + Glutes of @fitbodyapp Tone This was one of three circuits and you repeat each circuit 3x . Tag a friend OR save this for later!! ???? . Stiff-Leg Deadlift: 15 reps with as heavy weight as you have access to at home! Ideal weight would be 20 lbs minimum but we only had 10's and 12's so we added a few more reps to ensure our muscles were feeling it. . Box Squat: 15 reps with either 10-15 lbs or body weight. If doing body weight, add a few more reps to feel the burn! . Modified Burpee: 10 reps Since I'm preggo I can't do full laydown burpees, so Luca is doing one modified version (one step down from a regular burpee) and I'm doing an even more modified version (two steps down from a regular burpee) since I'm stepping out and in one foot at a time REPEAT 3x! . Also, notice how in the first two moves, I point out improper posture and hip alignment. I start with my booty sticking out which is called an 'Anterior Pelvic Tilt' and is how lots of women naturally stand, but is very bad for your back and will prevent you from properly engaging your glutes in moves like these. So what you want to do is internally rotate your pelvis to be a slight 'Posterior Pelvic Tilt' but not too much to where you're overextending . Stuck at home and needing some workouts to relieve some stress? I'm giving 30 days away free to my @fitbodyapp due to all the quarantining going on (still can't believe this is our reality right now ) but we will get through it together! ?? . HOW TO REDEEM: Go to www.fitbodyapp.com (the promo is available through the website only, not the app) Use code DAJEITALIA at checkout That's it! You'll get a 7 day free trial PLUS an additional 30 days free ?? Feel free to share with friends and family. . Stay safe and healthy everyone!! #fbggirls #fitbodyapp #homeworkouts #19weekspregnant

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Anna Victoria

Mum-to-be Anna has made her living room her new gym and welcomes her followers to join her each day. Her husband accompanies her on each workout demonstrating a slightly harder variation to each exercise. All of Anna’s recent video are pregnancy-friendly, making her the perfect addition to your follow list if you’re expecting. Challenge yourself by downloading the Fit Body Guide or following @annavictoria on Instagram.

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Another super compound home workout to engage every muscle just how we like! ? ?? Mixing in some good movement is making such a difference for me and keeping my mind clear and happy at the moment '??? ?? Make sure to double tap and hit Save if the home workouts are helpful and you'd like more!! ? ?? Overhead squat with arm drive (4 x 12): we're starting off with power moves cause we don't need a gym to keep the intensity high? ?? Chameleon mountain climbers (4 x 30s): six quick mountain climbers and down, aiming for as many good reps as we can get into 30s? ?? Lateral kneel to squat (4 x 30s): the trailing leg steps up and across first and we're engaging the glutes to keep the knees from caving in throughout ? ?? Bear to crab (4 x 30s): keep the elbows slightly soft instead of locked out and aim to control the turns as much as possible? ?? Ickey shuffle (4 x 30s): on the turns, we are leaning into the new direction to keep our centre of mass where we're going next? ?? Pike to kick sit (3 x 12 total): high up on the toes in the pike position with the core nice and tight ? ?? Iguana press ups (4 x 10): keep watching for assisted asymmetric press ups that you can do instead if you're still building the strength!? ?? Like always, keep those rest times long enough and remember we want quality and not quantity of work ? ?? Keep smiling, moving and focusing on the good! ??? ?? @gymshark @gymsharkwomen

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Natacha Oceane

Blast a killer workout with the Queen of HIIT. Natasha’s page is filled with high-energy videos that will burn calories quicker than you can say ‘sweat’. She has a talent for combining different exercises to ensure each workout is challenging but enjoyable. For more guides, head to her website to purchase different plans, including one specially tailored to home workouts. Workout with Natacha on her Instagram, @Natacha.oceane

Richard Duchon

Prepare yourself for some serious ab envy – this 21-year-old law student has been coping with social distancing my sharing a number of stay-at-home workouts using common household items. Richard’s videos are great for those who want to retain their muscle or for those who want to build up their strength. Get fit with Richard by following him on instagram @richard_dunchon.

The Body Coach

Live at 9am, Monday to Friday, Joe Wicks aka The Body Coach will be holding PE lessons for kids and parents. These 30-minute workouts require no equipment and focus on making working out fun for everyone who wants to join in. Joe posts all his videos on YouTube, so make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss out! Keep up to date with all of Joe’s workouts by following @thebodycoach on Instagram and subscribing to his YouTube channel.

WorkIn Together

Work hard and play hard with this Wojtek and Rebecca from Suffolk. This duo is quite literally ‘WorkIn Together’ to motivate people to stay active in their own homes. Bringing high energy and challenging exercises, Wojtek and Rebecca help viewers remain healthy both mentally and physically by sharing positivity. Find them on Facebook by searching ‘WorkIn Together!’.

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