Keeping romance alive with a duster and a dishcloth

We needed to know this.

According to the celebrations company, giving one’s partner control of the remote, washing the dishes and doing the ironing have appeared in a list of gestures East Anglian men believe to be “romantic”. Local results also show our men think offering to clean the house (15 per cent), putting the bins out (11%) and putting the toilet seat down (4%) are the perfect romantic gestures. They’re a soppy old lot, aren’t they?

More than half (59%) of East Anglians say that a surprise bouquet of flowers keeps romance alive - the most popular answer across both sexes. However 13% of men in the region think their partner will get suspicious if they give them flowers when it’s not a special occasion.

The offer of having dinner cooked and being run a hot bath were the second and third most popular romantic gestures chosen by women.

You see, it’s not so much that putting the toilet seat down is romantic it’s more that leaving it up will get you nowhere.