Kesgrave: School’s literacy skills help raise £1,500 for victims of Typhoon Haiyan

Heath Primary School raise cash for charity with quiz success

Heath Primary School raise cash for charity with quiz success

Earlier this month Heath Primary School in Suffolk participated in a ‘Quizzing for the Phillipines Day’.

The day was hosted by educational software provider Renaissance Learning on December 4.

Every Accelerated Reader (AR) reading practice quiz successfully completed on the day contributed towards a fundraising target of £1,500 for disaster relief following Typhoon Haiyan’s disastrous effect on people in the Philippines.

In response to the recent tragic events around Typhoon Haiyan over 2,800 schools in the UK using Renaissance Learning’s AR software to help improve children’s reading practice were invited to harness the power of reading to benefit those in need for the day.

Heath Primary School was the best performing school in South East England completing 541 quizzes and making a significant contribution to Renaissance Learnings £1,500 donation target.

Students were able to choose from more than 25,000 fun motivational quizzes to test their comprehension of the books they read, aiming for benchmarks and targets set by their teachers and contributing to disaster relief in the affected region in the process. Over 74,000 quizzes were taken on the day, with 58,000 exceeding the minimum 60% pass rate, which is a new UK record. Dirk Foch, Managing Director of Renaissance Learning, said: “We are extremely pleased to be able to donate to GlobalGiving to support disaster relief in the Philippines. It’s thanks to schools like Heath Primary and their students getting so involved with our day of quizzing that we were able to meet our goal.

“We have been extremely impressed with the response from all around the country and the way teachers and schools have lent their support to this event and would like to extend our thanks to all who took part.”

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Renaissance Learning has donated the £1,500 raised to GlobalGiving’s Super Typhoon Haiyan Relief Fund which divides funds between organisations working in the region such as Save the Children, Doctors Without Borders and Relief International.