Killer's family fight for new appeal

STEVE Wright's family are now battling to secure him an appeal and remain convinced of his innocence.

Anthony Bond

STEVE Wright's family are now battling to secure him an appeal and remain convinced of his innocence.

His brother David, 51, mum Patricia, sisters Jeanette and Tina, and partner Pam, 62, have together raised £10,000 towards an appeal.

David, who lives near Bury St Edmunds, is currently working three to four hours a night looking through the case files, which include graphic pictures from the murder scenes as well as witness statements and forensic reports.

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He said: “If I had the slightest doubt in my mind that Steve had carried out these murders after seeing those pictures, then I would walk and never speak to him again in my life.”

Wright is currently pursuing a second attempt at an appeal after he was refused leave to appeal in July.

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The family have hired a barrister who is looking at their grounds for appeal. If he thinks they have a good case then he will represent Wright in an open court hearing where he would face three judges.

Wright's grounds for appeal are based around two issues - the trial being held in Ipswich and the advice they say he was given by his defence team.

David said: “For such a high profile case, one of the biggest trials in British legal history, to be held on the back door of where it happened is unfair.

“Myself and my two sisters bumped into two jury members as the trial was going on while they were shopping. It is impossible to say that they would not be swayed when they could bump into the families of the girls on a daily basis.”

David also claims that his brother was poorly advised.

He said that when Wright said 'I do not know how you expect me to answer that I am not a forensic scientist' it was a remark that arose as a result of a discussion with his defence counsel.

Wright was also criticised for making 'no comment' during police interviews, but David says this is what he was advised to say.

After looking at the police files David says he has two other people who are strong suspects for carrying out the murders.

“With all the evidence that we have got and the grounds for appeal, I think we have got an extremely good case,” he said.

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