Killer's parents vow to clear his name

THE parents of a convicted murderer have vowed to clear his name by offering their £30,000 life savings to anyone who can identify the third party they believe killed fitness fanatic Dawn Walker.

THE parents of a convicted murderer have vowed to clear his name by offering their £30,000 life savings to anyone who can identify the third party they believe killed fitness fanatic Dawn Walker.

On the day of Kevin Nunn's 46th birthday, his defiant parents last night maintained his innocence - just three weeks after he was convicted of the murder of his former girlfriend - and described court evidence that convicted him as “flimsy and circumstantial”.

Horace and Margaret Nunn revealed that the father-of-two, who has been told he will serve a minimum of 22 years in jail, had sought solace in religion as he waited for news on whether he can take his case to appeal.

His family is hoping that the incentive of the £30,000 bounty will lead to fresh information about the case.

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Nunn, who lived in Woolpit at the time of Miss Walker's death, was convicted of killing his ex-girlfriend after jurors heard he was “consumed with jealously”.

But his mother, who visited her son in prison last week, said: “Kevin was christened a Catholic and he is trying to be strong. He talks to the prison parson and maintains that he is innocent.

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“There are days when we all feel low but we will all keep fighting. It is hard to say how I am feeling - it is just a case of how many times can a mother's heart be broken?”

During the six-week trial, the jury identified Nunn as the man seen arguing with Miss Walker outside her home in Fornham St Martin, near Bury St Edmunds, shortly before she was murdered in February 2005.

Two days later, her body was discovered semi-naked near the River Lark with her hair cut off. The prosecution revealed she had suffered 95% burns after she was taped to railings and set alight.

But the family of Nunn maintain he was not the killer and yesterday - to mark his birthday and their fight for his freedom - they held a vigil in the centre of Bury, releasing balloons and holding aloft placards protesting his innocence.

Mrs Nunn, of Ingham, near Bury, said: “My husband and I have agreed to pay a £30,000 reward, from our savings, because we firmly believe someone out there knows something. This shows how strongly we feel about it.

“We will carry on fighting, whatever it takes because we know our son is innocent - he would not or could not have done something like this.

“In all his life, my son has had just one speeding ticket and that was because he was a salesman. We have to keep up the fight and hopefully God will somehow turn the tide and prove we were right all along.”

Nunn's sister Brigitte Butcher said: “Kevin realises there are a lot of people who believe in him. The court case was difficult as we couldn't defend what was said in court.

“Today, Kevin's birthday, is very hard for the family as he shouldn't be where he is - he is an innocent man. He was found guilty on the basis of flimsy, circumstantial evidence and we are now just waiting for the appeal.”

Sentencing Nunn, Mrs Justice Cox said it was not known where he had initially kept Miss Walker's body after killing her and who had helped him when he was seen putting the body into a car hours before it was discovered.

Nunn was said to have deliberately attempted to cover his tracks by sending phone and text messages on her phone to make it look like he was desperately trying to find her.

Nunn's family have also launched a website outlining their case. For more information visit

The family of Miss Walker declined to comment, insisting only that they were “satisfied” with the court's verdict.

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