Knifeman stabs bride on honeymoon

By Jonathan Barnes and David LennardA POLICE officer from Suffolk has spoken of the moment his bride was stabbed through the stomach by a stranger on their honeymoon in Africa.

By Jonathan Barnes and David Lennard

A POLICE officer from Suffolk has spoken of the moment his bride was stabbed through the stomach by a stranger on their honeymoon in Africa.

Mark Seaman, a constable with Suffolk police, watched in horror as a German tourist pulled a knife on his wife of four days, Lisa, at a hotel in Kenya.

The horrific incident, which happened just after midnight on Sunday, saw Mrs Seaman, 32, undergo emergency surgery at a hospital in Mombasa, but doctors have said she should make a full recovery.

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Her attacker, Olaf Klinkusch, had already stabbed a Swiss tourist to death and injured two other women at the Tropical Resort in Malindi, on Kenyan's Indian Ocean coast.

Police said he later committed suicide by stabbing himself in the stomach and throat.

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Mr Seaman, from Lowestoft, said the couple's thoughts were now on going home as soon as possible. “It was terrifying, there are no other words to describe it,” he added.

The 31-year-old said they had been staying at the nearby Malindi Beach Hotel and had joined his new wife's mother and brother for a meal and drinks at their hotel before going to leave at 12.15am.

“As we walked towards reception, this man just stood in front of us and said something in broken English and German,” said Mr Seaman.

“As he spoke, he pulled a knife out of his bag and stabbed Lisa in the stomach. Lisa screamed, I pulled her away and we ran in the opposite direction.

“I screamed for help and her mum and brother and another English couple joined us and we carried her out of the hotel. The man was still on the path, stopping us getting out of reception, so we carried her the other way and called an ambulance.”

He added: “It was a straight stab wound. It looks minute on the outside and there was not a lot of blood.

“But it was a long blade and it penetrated about six inches, through the front and back of her stomach, and damaged her intestine. She's had surgery to repair that and she's on the way to a full recovery. She'll be left with a scar from the surgery, but other than that, nothing else.”

Mr Seaman said the couple had married in an idyllic ceremony at their hotel on Wednesday.

“The wedding was just a dream in a place you can only describe as paradise. We had that moment and whatever else happens, that can't be taken away. But my only concern now is for her to get better and for us to go home as soon as possible,” he told a radio station.

Mrs Seaman was said to be in a stable condition at Mombasa's Aga Khan Hospital last night and is expected to be able to go home in a couple of weeks.

Many of the couple's family and friends had travelled out to Kenya to watch the couple marry at the popular tourist resort. They were all planning to fly home on Thursday.

Police said the attack happened after Klinkusch, who was not staying at the hotel, had been drinking heavily.

It is thought he got into a loud argument with a woman in a bar and Swiss holidaymaker Hugo Meischerhaus tried to intervene.

Klinkusch then pulled out a knife, fatally stabbing Mr Meischerhaus and wounding the woman.

He ran out of the bar shouting and headed towards the beach, where he encountered Mr and Mrs Seaman.

After stabbing Mrs Seaman, he locked himself in a storeroom before turning the knife on himself.

When police broke into the storeroom, Klinkusch was still stabbing himself in the stomach. He later died from his injuries.

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