What happened in the Ipswich Borough Council election? Every result listed here

Results from the local elections have been announced. Picture: PHIL MORLEY

Results from the local elections have been announced. Picture: PHIL MORLEY - Credit: Archant

Labour have kept control of Ipswich council, and gained one seat from the Conservatives – but overall it was a case of “as you were” at the borough.

The only seat to change hands was Holywells where Labour overturned a narrow Conservative majority to win by 45 votes after a recount.

The other notable result was in St Margarets where long-serving Liberal Democrat Inga Lockington won with one of the largest majorities she has had during her 19 years on the borough.

The turnout was lower than recent elections – this was the first time since 2014 when there were stand-alone elections without the distraction of General Election campaigns, the EU referendum or police and crime commissioner elections.

All the Ipswich party leaders were able to find something to cling to in the wake of the results – but overall there was a feeling that they were keen to get back to work as usual.

Labour council leader David Ellesmere said: “It was a hard-fought campaign but we are pleased with the result, and taking Holywells was really good for us.

“This was a seat that we had never held on its current boundaries until two years ago and now after a great deal of work we have won a second seat there.”

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Conservative group leader Ian Fisher was also looking for the positives: “We are obviously disappointed to have lost Holywells, but there were some special circumstances there with the Upper Orwell Crossings issue.

“But we did actually increase our vote there – and pushed it up all over the town which does give us something to build on in future elections.”

And Mrs Lockington was in bouyant mood after securing more than half the votes in her St Margaret’s Ward – a seat that has often been marginal and where one of the seats is held by the Conservatives.

She said: “I think this shows the value of local knowledge and knowing your ward. People know me and I am really pleased that they have given me this great result.

“I am looking forward to carrying on my work at the council.”

The new make-up of the council is Labour 34 seats, Conservatives 12 seats, Liberal Democrats two seats.

Here are the results in full:

• Priory Heath: Daniel Maguire (Lab) 1,013, Andy Shannon (C) 661, Andy Patmore (G) 99, Nicholas Jacob (LD) 96 – Labour hold

• Bridge: Colette Allen (Lab) 994, Murray Brunning (C) 483, Charlotte Armstrong (G) 124, Immo Weichert (LD) 66 – Labour hold

• Castle Hill: Robin Vickery (C) 1,026, Darren Heaps (Lab) 694, Tim Lockington (LD) 216 – Conservative hold

• Holywells: Janice Parry (Lab) 1,048, Heather Mills (C) 1,003, Jenny Rivett (G) 137, Paul Daley (LD) 78 – Labour gain from Conservatives

• St Margaret’s: Inga Lockington (LD) 1,493, Simon Fisher (C) 734, Jeremy Brown (Lab) 615, Kirsty Wilmot (G) 104, David Tabane (Ind) 19 – Lib Dem hold

• Westgate: Colin Kreidewolf (Lab) 999, Sam Downer (C) 472, Martin Hore (LD) 152, John Mann (G) 122 – Labour hold

• Rushmere: Sandra Gage (Lab) 1,283, Paul Cawthorn (C) 809, Julie Fletcher (LD) 157 – Labour hold

• Gainsborough: Sheila Handley (Lab) 987, Samantha Murray (C) 557, Shayne Pooley (UKIP) 148, Ben Magrath (G) 66, Robin Whitmore (LD) 32 – Labour hold

• Stoke Park: Nadia Cenci (C) 991, Kelvin Cracknell (Lab) 726, Barry Broom (G) 86, Maureen Haaker (LD) 49 – Conservative hold

• Alexandra: John Cook (Lab) 1,245, Katherine West (C) 499, Tom Wilmot (G) 190, Richard Thompson (LD) 147 – Labour hold

• Bixley: Edward Phillips (C) 1,264, Paul Anderson (Lab) 690, Trevor Powell (LD) 183 – Conservative hold

• St John’s: Elango Elavalakan (Lab) 1,159, James Harding (C) 690, Edward Packard (LD) 148, Ned Harrison (G) 108 – Labour hold

• Whitehouse: Colin Wright (Lab) 838, Stephen Lark (C) 414, Tony Gould (UKIP) 144, Malcolm Mitchell (LD) 69 – Labour hold

• Whitton: Christine Shaw (Lab) 996, John Downie (C) 806, Daniel Smith (LD) 92 – Labour hold

• Gipping: Elizabeth Hughes (Lab) 962, Mark Phillips (C) 504, Robert Chambers (LD) 133 – Labour hold

• Sprites: Helen Armitage (Lab) 895, Mike Scanes (C) 601, Alan Cotterell (UKIP) 109, Conrad Packwood (LD) 39 – Labour hold