Former Las Vegas show girl teaches pole dancing and burlesque in Suffolk

Donna Berry pole dancing Picture: SHE SIZZLES

Donna Berry pole dancing Picture: SHE SIZZLES - Credit: Archant

February is set to be a busy month for Australian dancer Donna Berry as she teaches women to move like Beyoncé.

One of Donna's dance groups. Picture: SHESIZZLES

One of Donna's dance groups. Picture: SHESIZZLES - Credit: Archant

Donna Berry has had a colourful array of jobs including a contemporary dancer and a Las Vegas show girl.

But now the 49-year-old focuses on empowering women through her adrenaline pumping dance classes.

Donna, who lives in Woodbridge, is set to teach a new group of beginners the art of pole fitness and burlesque in Martlesham, Kesgrave and Henley.

The mum-of-two runs her fitness group She Sizzles with three other local instructors. The classes kick off in February and participants will learn routines similar to what you would see in The Pussycat Dolls music videos.

Donna Berry doing the splits at 49 Picture: SHESIZZLE

Donna Berry doing the splits at 49 Picture: SHESIZZLE - Credit: Archant

The professional dancer said: “The classes are a fantastic way to get fit, you get strong and confident.

“The buzz you get from being able to achieve things you never thought you would is amazing.

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“We are all about empowering women to be fit, strong and confident.

“Some of our students have told us they have left bad relationships due to the support and confidence the classes provide.

Donna Berry upside down on the pole Picture: SHESIZZLES

Donna Berry upside down on the pole Picture: SHESIZZLES - Credit: Archant

“It is fun and improves the self esteem of those who take part, with our professional teaching it enables our students to do things they never thought they could.

“We are not sleazy - it is a fitness class - and all women can pole. You don’t need any fitness or dance background.”

The sessions are open to everyone regardless of your age or size.

The season of saucy routines slide into action on February 8 with a charity burlesque night to raise money for Suffolk Mind.

The night of dancing will be held at Martlesham Leisure Centre at 8pm.

Donna added: “It is a great night with fizz, chocolate and just having a laugh, and being proud to be a woman.”

The six-week beginner pole dance fitness course will then follow and take place at Kesgrave Community Centre, Henley Community Centre and Martlesham Leisure Centre.

You can catch the first session on February 19 at Kesgrave, February 20 at Henley, and March 3 at Martlesham.

By the end of the six weeks participants will learn 10 pole spins, tricks, and a fully choreographed dance routine. You will also gain upper body and arm strength.

Donna said: “I see the potential in people and nurture them. I am a psychologist in my day job and bring my knowledge and experience of supporting and helping women to reach their potential to all our classes.

“My classes are always full yet I don’t have a website, it is all just spread through word and mouth. It is all about releasing your inner goddess, you forget everything and you just wriggle and giggle for fitness.”

Donna has been teaching dancing for more than 30 years she has weekly classes in a variety of venues around Suffolk. You can find out more about her sessions on her Facebook page Shesizzles Poledance and Burlesque Fitness or on her eventbrite page.