Reader Letter: ‘If Sizewell C goes ahead, what future for Leiston?’

EDF Energy wants to build Sizewell C on the Suffolk coast Picture: EDF

EDF Energy wants to build Sizewell C on the Suffolk coast Picture: EDF - Credit: Copyright EDF Energy 2012 - Stag

Laurie Wiseman from Aldeburgh writes of his concerns about the impact Sizewell C will have on the surrounding area.

Sir, - I am deeply concerned about the dramatic impact that the construction of the projects Sizewell C and D, Scottish Power Renewables Substations and cable routing and the National Grid ventures will have on Leiston and the surrounding communities. The construction of these projects will take place over a period of 10 years. This will mean hundreds of heavy duty HGV's travelling on the A12 then onto country roads to Sizewell and Friston. The A12 is a dual carriageway road some of the way but much of the way to Yoxford it is a single way road. From Yoxford the road is designed for light traffic and will be used every day by hundreds of heavy duty HGV's passing by residences and villages along the way. The traffic generated by these projects (to be run concurrently) is to occur within a small area encompassing Yoxford, Sizewell, Friston and Thorpness as well as the A12. It will have a devastating effect on the residents in this small area.

There is to be an accommodation block for a workforce of 2,400 in Leiston, a town of 5,500 souls, but this figure will increase to 5,600 at peak times. This will double the population of Leiston to 11,100. These extra 3,200 workers will have find accommodation locally in B&B's, hotels and holiday lets. This will swamp Leiston and surrounding villages. Local residents will have to put up with the pressures and troubles that will eventually occur. It will be a war zone.

Over recent years East Suffolk Council has attracted tourists to this area to enjoy its many offerings of hotels, holiday lets, B&B's, restaurants along with the internationally known concert venue, the RSPB bird reserve at Minsmere, the many areas of natural beauty, the coast and the peaceful countryside. These construction projects, particularly Sizewell C&D, will have a devastating effect on the Minsmere bird reserve. It will change the peaceful nature of the countryside and will have a major impact on this tourist industry.

I have written to the Government asking it to think again about the construction of Sizewell C&D bearing in mind the doubts about its feasibility and its dramatic effects on the local area and community. Sizewell C&D is a costly and old technology, its design is questionable as has been demonstrated at Olkiluoto 3 in Finland and Flamanville in France. If the planning application for Sizewell C&D is agreed in March next year it will condemn Leiston to a baleful future.

Laurie Wiseman,


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