‘Lazy’ pupils issued with prom threat

A STUDENT has hit out after it emerged a school was threatening to withhold prom tickets from students who fail to complete their GSCE coursework.

The annual school prom for year 11 students is a major event in the annual Sudbury Upper School calendar.

The event, which is widely looked forward to by those finishing their GCSEs, marks the end of years of compulsory education.

However, some of this year’s GCSE students have yet to finish their coursework in information and communications technology (ICT) which is a core subject in schools.

In a bid to encourage them to finish their work, the school has warned it will prevent students attending the prom if they do not complete the work as a result of “simple laziness”.

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The warning – defended by the school as a means of trying to ensure the best results for its students – has sparked protest in some quarters.

One student who contacted the EADT said: “The deadline is May 27 – the day the year 11s leave.

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“This rule has caused much stress and panic to many year 11s in a time in which the school should be doing what it can to support its students.”

The student said part of the problems with ICT coursework was down to a turnover of teaching staff and lost work from previous years.

They also accused the school of foul play if students had bought a ticket and they were then unable to redeem or get their money back. However, David Forrest, headteacher, said the warning was in response to a small number who “through simple laziness” might not finish their coursework – without which they would fail to get the GCSE.

He said the school had offered additional assistance, including opening the computer rooms up for students over lunchtimes.

He said there had been no staff turnover in ICT in the past year.

“We are taking action to encourage our students to get the best results they can in every subject,” said Mr Forrest.

He then added: “A whole series of support measures are in place.”

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