Leiston: Cinema’s new recruit to cut mobile phone use during shows

Wayne Burns with his dog Pip, the canine mobile phone detector at Leiston Film Theatre.

Wayne Burns with his dog Pip, the canine mobile phone detector at Leiston Film Theatre. - Credit: Sarah Lucy brown

A cinema is today introducing a new member of their team to help crack down on people using their mobile phones while watching a film - a dog.

Pip, who played Toto in ‘The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Pantomime’, has decided to put her nose to the floor to help prevent the use of mobile phones and other electrical gadgets during films as a fully trained ‘sniffer dog’.

Having recently taken off her acting hat, Pip decided that crime prevention was the way forward and enrolled in an intensive mobile phone training course especially for theatres and cinemas.

Pip now has her best nose forward to detect people using their mobile phones or other electrical gadgets such as iPads to ensure cinema-goers enjoy a show without being disturbed by the sound of mobile phones.

Wayne Burns, manager of Leiston Film Theatre and owner of Pip said: “We are thrilled that Pip has now joined the film theatre family. She loves coming to the theatre and now she has a very important role to play.

“We all know how annoying it is when you are sat in a cinema and the people around you are on their phones, so we decided to take action about this.

“After just three weeks of intense training Pip is ready to go out in the auditorium to hunt down and shame those who feel the need to use their phones during the screenings of films.

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“Pip is very dedicated to her job and will not except any bribes, not even her favourite biscuits!”

Mr Burns also added that Orange Wednesdays could be a problem.

Pip’s first paw on the beat will be today, and she is very eager to get started.

She will also be undertaking other duties, including the cleaning of the auditorium, as she enjoys picking up popcorn that is spilt during shows.