Leiston: Group airs idea for new radio station

EARLY preparations are being made to launch a community radio station in a Suffolk town.

A steering group has been set up in Leiston to discuss the prospect of broadcasting to the local area.

The station could be transmitting on the internet by the end of the summer, with the possibility of obtaining an FM frequency licence next September.

Tentatively titled Radio Leiston, the service would follow a similar design to existing community stations like Radio Castle in Framlingham, Deben Radio and Blyth Valley Community Radio.

The group behind the concept is now searching for people with administrative skills to help take the idea to the next stage. Nick Boulter, who is heading the group, said: “There has been a lot of support from the town.

“We have heard from plenty of people with technological know-how and would now like to hear from those interested in helping us with the clerical side, which is important but often not associated with radio stations.

“We hope the station can provide the opportunity for people to develop skills in communication and provide training.

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“Other community radio stations have been very supportive and we intend to work closely with them.”

The station is being registered as a private company limited by guarantee and will be run as a non-profit organisation. Broadcasts will not include advertising but companies will be invited to become sponsors.

Suitable premises are currently being sought from which to broadcast and arrangements are being made to apply for funding. Steering group memberBarrie Skelcher, said: “We are in the early stages but would like to record local events and give people the chance to voice their opinion and discuss local issues. We’ll be determined to see that all sides of the argument are covered.

“The immediate tasks include finding a suitable location. Ideally this should be central and easily accessible, also to establish funding and start gathering equipment.”

The station would also provide a link for local clubs and organisations to communicate with the population of Leiston and allow former residents to keep up with news and events in the area by listening online.

The steering group hopes to obtain an FM frequency licence next September to begin broadcasting locally.

The group is particularly keen to hear from people with an administrative background who can help with organisational matters. If you would like to get involved, contact Nick Boulter at nick@pebble-media.co.uk or call 07720 349222.

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