Lib Dems hold Cheadle

CHEADLEMark Hunter (LD) 19,593Stephen Day (Con) 15,936Martin Miller (Lab) 1,739Leslie Leggett (Veritas) 218John Allman (Alliance for Change – suffering little children) 81Lib Dem maj 3,657.


Mark Hunter (LD) 19,593

Stephen Day (Con) 15,936

Martin Miller (Lab) 1,739

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Leslie Leggett (Veritas) 218

John Allman (Alliance for Change - suffering little children) 81

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Lib Dem maj 3,657. Swing 0.63% Con to LD. No change. Turnout 55.2%

General Election: Lib Dem 23,189, Con 19,169, Lab 4,169 (8.79%), UK Independence Party 489, British National Party 421. Majority 4,020

Uttlesford District Council

Great Dunmow South: Michael Miller (Con) 537, Robert Wingard (LD) 380. Con maj: 157 in from LD. Swing 20.9% LD to Con.

May 2003: Three seats LD 660, 599, 598, Con 393, 374, 354

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