Lib Dems scent victory across East Anglia

IPSWICH: Liberal Democrat canvassers were out in force in the town centre yesterday as the battle for this “must win” marginal was joined in earnest.

Leading the team with parliamentary candidate Mark Dyson was the party’s East of England Euro MP Andrew Duff, who said the regional campaign was goin “exceptionally well.”

As Mr Dyson and Mr Duff button-holded shoppers, a number approached the pair asking for information and details of policy promises.

“It will be an exciting campaign,” said Mr Duff. “Clearly the state of the economy is worrying voters, and there will be pain in Ipswich and elsewhere as Britain swallows painful measures to help the country out of the recession.

“Tourism officials in the county to whom I have spoken are very worried about the coming summer season and they are expecting a downturn.”

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He added: “We have a credible tax and spend policy and in Vince Cable we have the one politician whom the voters say they can trust.”

Mr Duff forecast that the Liberal Democrats would add to the three MPs from the East of England elected last time, saying he was optimistic at winning Norwich South and seats in Hertfordshire.

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“These are good times to be a Liberal Democrat.”

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