Little muntjac is rescued from metal fence in Essex - twice in one day

An unfortunate muntjac had to be freed after getting stuck in a metal fence in Essex - only to get caught in another fence at the end of the same garden while making her dash for freedom.

RSPCA officers Joe White and Lucy Fackerell were called to a house in Main Road, Broomfield, near Chelmsford, by a man who discovered the frightened animal wedged between the bars of the fence.

Mr White, an animal collection officer, said: “The little deer had obviously tried to squeeze through and got stuck half-way, with her front legs and majority of her body on one side of the fence and her back legs stuck on the other side.

“I managed to check her over while she was still trapped and, luckily, she wasn’t injured.

“I carefully freed her from her tight spot and released her back into the gardens - away from the main road.

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“She was really panicked and ran to the bottom of the garden where she got stuck in another fence.”

The officers worked to free the muntjac a second time and checked her over for injuries.

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Once they let her go, she darted off to a nearby wooded area where a male muntjac was waiting for her.

“Although it was frustrating and worrying that she got herself stuck twice, it was great to see her join her mate and run off back into the woods where she belonged,” ACO White added.

“Hopefully that’ll be the last we see of her.”

The RSPCA urges people to take care around wild animals, to keep a safe distance and to report any concerns to the charity’s 24-hour emergency line by calling 0300 1234 999.

The warn that wild animals can bite, scratch or kick when frightened, particularly if they are trapped, injured or sick.

For more information and to donate to the charity see

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