Rainbow coalition remains after Colchester election 2021

Colchester Castle

The political shape of Colchester has remained largely unchanged. - Credit: Colchester Council

Colchester Borough Council was the only local authority to count its votes overnight in the area - and there were few changes among the third of the seats that were up for grabs,

The borough - which was run by a "rainbow coalition" of non-Conservative parties - remains in no overall control, even though the Tories did gain two seats that were vacant and the Green Party took one Liberal Democrat seat.

The state of parties on the borough is now Conservatives 23, Liberal Democrats 12, Labour 11, Highwoods Independents 3 and Greens 2. That is only a minor change from before the vote and coalition talks are likely to take place over the next few days.

Colchester results:


Julie Young(L) 1,097

Michael Hinton(C) 600

Most Read

Chantelle-Louise Whyborn(LD) 222

Kemal Cufoglu(G) 135

Kevin Blair(RUK) 57

Labour hold.


Dave Harris(L)  1,604

Chris Piggott(C) 470

Mick Spindler(LD) 193

John Clifton(G) 78

Labour hold

Marks Tey and Layer 

Kevin Bentley(C) 1,880

John Spademan(L) 323

Amy Sheridan(G) 231

Mark Hull(LD) 223

Neil Gilbranch(Ind) 132

Conservative hold

New Town 

Pam Cox(L) 1,521

Carla Hales(C) 887

Catherine Spindler(LD) 794

Bob Brannan(G) 301

Labour gain from Liberal Democrat


Step Nissen(G) 1,136

Fabian Green(C) 976

Richard Hill(C) 574

Martin Gillingham(LD) 319

Green gain from Liberal Democrat

Lexden and Braiswick (two seats)

Dennis Willetts(C) 1,949

Martin Leatherdale(C) 1,597

Sandra Culham(LD)594

Roger Bamforth(G)532

Luke Hayes(L) 396

Kayleigh Rippinggale-Shaw(L)- 333

Two Conservative holds (one seat had been vacant)


Michelle Burrows(LD) 1,245

Cyril Liddy(L) 1,020

Jodie Clark(C) 496

Asa Aldis(G) 480

Liberal Democrat gain from Labour


Roger Mannion(C) 1,713

John Wood(L) 288

Clare Smee(G) 206

Jennifer Stevens(LD)171

Conservative hold

Shrub End

Lyn Barton(LD) 819 

Angela Linghorn-Baker(C) 783

David McCulloch(L) 416

Blake Roberts(G) 136 

Joe Johnson(RUK) 61

Liberal Democrat hold


Gerard Oxford(Ind) 780

Stephen Rowe(C) 664

Jocelyn Law(L) 401

Kieron Franks(LD) 188

Clare Burgess(G) 131

Diane Baker(RUK) 64

Independent hold

Rural North

Darius Laws(C) 2,207

Sue Bailey(G) 406

Diane Brown(L) 367

William Brown(LD)359

Andrew Phillips(RUK) 84

Conservative hold

Prettygate(two seats) 

Sue Lissimore(C) 2,136

Leigh Tate(C)1,285

John Loxley(LD) 544

Richard Bourne(L) 513

Victoria Weaver(L) 388

Natalie Edgoose(G) 350

John Burgess(G) 250

Conservative hold - one seat had been vacant

Mile End

Martin Goss(LD) 1,974

Rachel Smith(C) 583

Pauline Bacon(L) 328 

Amanda Kike(G)139

Liberal Democrat hold

St Annes and St Johns

Mike Hogg(LD) 1,241

Tom Rowe(C) 1,214

Abigail Chambers(L)  301

Pam Nelson(G) 200

 Liberal Democrat hold

C- Conservative. L - Labour, LD - Liberal Democrat, G - Green, RUK - Reform UK. Ind - Independent.

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