Council tax bills in Suffolk set to go up by about 3%

Ipswich council and Suffolk County Council offices

Council tax bills for authorities across Suffolk have now been decided. - Credit: Archant

Council tax payers across Suffolk now have a much clearer idea of how much they will have to pay for local authority services over the next financial year as the final bills are settled.

In Ipswich households will see their council tax bills rise by just over 2.9% - an annual rise of £46.06 to £1,610.63 for a Band B home which is the most common size in the town.

The borough's element of that was just under 2%, Suffolk County Council's increase is just under 3% and the Suffolk Police and Crime Commissioner is putting its element of council tax bills up by 4.2%.

East Suffolk Council has put its element of council tax up by 2.89%. Exact figures paid by households around the district will depend on the amount charged by parish and town councils but the overall rise is likely to about 3%.

Babergh council met at the start of the week and put its element of council tax bills up 2% which will lead to a similar overall rise to that in Ipswich - although again individual bills will also depend on contributions to parish or town councils.

West Suffolk Council's bills are also going up - but the exact increase varies between properties in the former St Edmundsbury and Forest Heath districts.

This is the last year of a transition period as the council tax bands were standardised between the two areas - but because the majority of council tax bills are made up of county council and police elements it is known that the increases will be in the region of 3%.

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Mid Suffolk District Council is freezing its element of council tax bills - which should mean that household bills in the district go up by just under 2.9% in April once the other elements of the bill are taken into consideration.

Across Suffolk just over half the properties are in the bottom two bands - A and B - while in Ipswich the proportion rises to more than 68%, which is one of the reasons why council tax bands tend to be higher in the town. There are fewer large properties to pay more to the local authorities.