Hadleigh Town Council vote unanimously to request lorry re-route

B1070 road through Hadleigh

The B1070 in Hadleigh has been used as a lorry route for over 10 years. - Credit: Google Earth

Residents in Hadleigh are calling for a lorry route to be changed to keep heavy goods vehicles out of the town.

It follows a campaign by residents to remove the B1070 from the designated lorry routes plan, which allowed large vehicles to go through the town.

A petition was started and leaflets sent to residents of the town, which were discussed by the town council.

Hadleigh Town Council has now voted to respond to the Suffolk County Council's Lorry Route Review by asking for the plans to be re-routed.

A statement from Hadleigh Town Council said the council was presented with a petition signed by 243 people asking for the council to press for the removal of the B1070 as a designated Lorry Route and instead include just the A1071, and the top end of the B1070 on Lady Lane, in order to allow lorries to access and exit the Lady Lane Industrial Estate from the A1071 bypass.

The council said: "Removal of the B1070 as a designated lorry route will make our streets safer for pedestrians, cyclists and other road users; cut the noise from HGVs; help protect the environment and our health by reducing our exposure to pollution from lorry exhausts; and generally make Hadleigh a more pleasant environment for both tourists and residents. This will not affect lorries delivering to premises in Hadleigh.

"The town council also received 80 emails regarding various lorry issues within the town, of the 80 emails 62 asked for the Lorry Route to be changed to a different route.

"During the meeting councillors voted unanimously to respond to the Lorry Route Review asking for the Lorry Route between Gallows Hill and Lady Lane be re-routed to use the A1071 bypass instead. We also responded with information on lorry issues on Benton Street and Boswell Lane."

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The council said it understood Suffolk County Council is currently working through the review documentation received and it hopes to hear by the spring if its request for the changes has been agreed.

The review covers the whole of Suffolk and will examine changes that have been put in place since the plan was last updated in 2011. 

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