'Risk to wildlife' – Bin by river found overflowing

River Walk in Hadleigh near Toppesfield Bridge

The bins overflowing at the River Walk in Hadleigh near Toppesfield Bridge have been emptied by Babergh District Council. - Credit: Paul Barton

Litter has been called a "risk to wildlife" as a bin has been found overflowing in the latest rubbish dumping incident.

Hadleigh resident Paul Barton found the bin while walking along the River Walk near Toppesfield Bridge and cleaned up most of the mess left by others himself. 

Mr Barton: "We've got to do more as a community and the council to overcome this kind of thing."

The bin - one of 17 others in a short walk - was then emptied by Babergh District Council, who said: “While we provide and regularly empty dog and litter bins across the district, we would encourage anyone who comes across a full bin to find another nearby or take their rubbish home with them, and report it to us so we can empty it as soon as possible.

“Littering is not only unsightly and unnecessary, it’s also a risk for wildlife.  Clearing up after other people costs the council thousands each year - money which could be better spent on other council services.”

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