East Suffolk to restart bin collections next week after snow

Ipswich bin collectors

Ipswich bin collections will continue until Saturday. - Credit: Paul Geater

Bin collections in East Suffolk will not restart until Monday - meaning residents will have an extra week of rubbish ready to be taken by the time the crews are able to get out again.

But the council is confident it will be able to fit three weeks' collections into a fortnight and be able to get back to normal collections by March 1.

However, it will not be collecting any garden waste through the green bin scheme for the rest of February as its crews concentrate on clearing the backlog of recycling and black bin waste.

Properties are divided into the Calendar One and Calendar Two by the council. Details of which bins will be collected which week can be found here.

Meanwhile collections are continuing in Babergh and Mid Suffolk although they are taking longer than normal because of the conditions.

The councils' bin collectors have only been able to reach properties on main roads - and other households are asked to leave their bins out so they are ready when the collectors do come around again.

In Ipswich bin collectors reached 60% of properties in the south east of the town on Thursday.

The council is still playing catch-up after delays earlier this week, but there will be crews carrying on working in the the north west and north east of the town on Friday to get as many properties completed.

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The main fleet will be operating as normal on Friday in the south west of the town - and most roads in that part of town are thought to be reasonably clear of snow and ice.

However Ipswich crews are expected to carry on working on Saturday in a bid to ensure all the bins are collected. Householders are asked to keep their bins out ready for collection until they are emptied. No brown bins of compost will be collected this week as crews concentrate on clearing the black bins.

The borough is hopeful that next week's blue bin collections should go ahead as normal because the weather forecasts look more benign.