Problems on 'dangerous' Suffolk road could be solved by study

Campaigners are calling for safety improvements in Bredfield Road. 

Campaigners are calling for safety improvements in Bredfield Road, including l-r residents Stuart Widd and Adam Collacott, Melton parish council vice chair Carol Gradwell, parish council chair Alan Porter and resident Alex Downing. - Credit: CHARLOTTE BOND

Progress has been made towards making a dangerous Suffolk road safer after funding was secured for a study to look into potential improvements. 

East Suffolk councillor Rachel Smith-Lyte and Suffolk county councillor Alexander Nicoll have raised £7,611 for a feasibility study into options to reduce the risk to pedestrians in Bredfield Road, Woodbridge, posed by speeding motorists. 

Campaigners have been calling for action before there is a serious accident involving a school pupil or pedestrian, especially as children from Farlingaye High have to cross the road after walking from homes in Bury Hill and the new Bloor Homes estate around Lloyd Road. 

Richard Bolt, one of the group calling for action, welcomed the funding for the study, but said this alone would not improve the situation in the road.

He added: "Clearly, I am delighted that they understand this is an issue, but a feasibility study is a feasibility study so it could be that they don't do anything which would be a problem for the safety of pedestrians using that road.

"But it is positive that they found it appropriate to put £7,000 into it because it is a lot of money for a feasibility study."

Speed camera data has revealed the extent of the speeding problem in Bredfield Road.

Speed camera data has revealed the extent of the speeding problem in Bredfield Road. - Credit: CHARLOTTE BOND

Speed camera data obtained by Melton Parish Council has revealed the extent of the problem with motorists apparently ignoring the 30mph speed limit. 

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A snapshot on March 10 showed some 52 motorists were clocked doing between 40 and 50mph, 22 cars were recorded doing between 50 and 60mph and one driver was doing between 60 and 70mph. 

The study will look into the possibility of improving the junction with Woods Lane, extending the footpath along Bredfield Road and installing some form of pedestrian crossing on Bredfield Road. 

Other ideas that have been mooted include incorporating the road into a proposed new 20mph zone around Woodbridge designed to improve safety for schoolchildren. 

However, campaigner Richard Bolt said there had been reservations about whether drivers would adhere to a 20mph restriction when they already failed to observe the 30mph limit. 

A planned ‘Mini Holland’ cycle scheme has also been suggested as a possible source of money for improvements. 

The proposals will result in the creation of a cycling network around the town, similar to schemes in the Netherlands.