Suffolk bin collection changes this Christmas: All you need to know

Ipswich council is collecting bins - but conditions are slowing down the crews.

Ipswich Borough Council binmen collecting rubbish from the Castle Hill area last winter - Credit: Ipswich Council

Bins often fill up quicker than usual over the festive period, but collection days often change - here is our guide to what is happening in East Suffolk, Ipswich, Mid Suffolk, West Suffolk and Babergh this Christmas.

Babergh, Mid Suffolk and West Suffolk

The changes to bin collections over Christmas are the same in Babergh, Mid Suffolk and West Suffolk, and the following information applies to all three districts.  

Between Monday December 27 and Saturday January 21 there will be major changes.

Bins due to be collected on the 27, 28 and 29 of December will be collected two days later, while those due to be collected on the 30 and 31 will be collected five days later than planned. 

In addition, bins due to be collected on January 3, 4, and 5 will be collected 3 days later, while those due on the 6 and 7 will be collected four days later. 

Bins due to be collected on January 10-13 will be delayed by two days, and on the 14, by three days.

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Finally, all bins collection dates between January 17 and 21 will be delayed a single day. 

East Suffolk

There will be no changes to bin collections in the area during the Christmas and New Year periods. 


People in Ipswich will see no changes to black and blue bin collections over Christmas and New Year.

However, the council will be pausing the brown bin service for two weeks after Christmas to allow crews to concentrate on picking up extra waste and recycling. 

The last brown bin collections for 2021 will take place between Tuesday, December 14 and Friday, December 24.

This means there will be no brown bin collections on or between Tuesday, December 28 and Tuesday, January 11.

There will also be changes to collections days in Essex


Collections on December 27, 28 and 29 will be delayed by two days each. 

Bins due to be collected on December 30 and 31 will be collected four days later, on the 4th and 5th of January, while bins supposed to be collected on January 4 and 5 will be collected on January 7 and 8. 

Collections due on January 6-7 will take place on the 10-11, while those commencing in the next week from January 10 will be two days late each, with Thursday collections moving to Saturday, while Fridays collections are moved to Monday January 17. 

Finally, for the week beginning January 17 collections will be a day later than usual, with Friday collections taking place on Saturday. 


In Colchester, there will be no collections taking place on Christmas or Boxing Day, with collections that would fall on Christmas Day happening one day earlier. 

On Wednesday 29 to Friday 31 collections will be one day later than usual.

During the week starting January 1 all collections will also be one day later than usual.

Notably, the order of green weeks and blue weeks will not be changing. 

Collections for flat residents, kerbside black bag collection, which would usually fall on Christmas Eve, have been rearranged for December 22 and 31 respectively. 

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