Village play area reopens after insurance issue resolved

Beyton village green park PICTURE: CHARLOTTE BOND

Beyton village green park - Credit: Charlotte Bond

A village play area that was closed due to confusion over the insurance has now reopened.

The well-used play equipment on Beyton village green, near Bury St Edmunds, was taped off last week with signs saying it was closed for the foreseeable future, to families' dismay.

A statement on the Beyton Parish Council website had said it was with "deep regret" that they had been forced to shut it while a complex insurance issue was resolved.

A sign at the play area in Beyton

A sign at the play area in Beyton - Credit: Charlotte Bond

The village green is not owned by Beyton Parish Council, but by the Ladies of the Manor, and the parish council insure the play equipment.

The play area has now reopened. On its website, Beyton Parish Council thanked all villagers for their "care, concern and understanding" during the short time when the area had to be cordoned off.

Speaking earlier in the week, Graham Jones, chairman of Beyton Parish Council, said: "We have received differing legal opinions, but in light of that confusion the responsible thing to do was to tape off the equipment until we had a definitive response.

"We have always enjoyed an excellent relationship with the Ladies of the Manor who do own the land and they have been keen to work with us to resolve this issue."

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He added: "Of course, we didn't want to deprive the village of this amenity, but we didn't have any choice."

The insurance issue came to light during a review.

Beyton village green park PICTURE: CHARLOTTE BOND

Beyton village green - Credit: Charlotte Bond

Mother-of-four Jamie Huler, 37, said: "I'm glad it was taken care of quickly as the kids are looking forward to being able to play there."

She said the play area was one of the attractions of moving to the village.

Following the closure, she said: "It's disappointing. We love Beyton. It's a really friendly community, but there's not a lot for kids."

She added: "Just let the kids play!"

Mrs Huler, whose children are aged between five and 10, said with the coronavirus pandemic young people had had enough taken away from them.

Beyton has featured in the news before over a row over its geese that took the parish council to the brink of collapse. 

The village has a population of about 700 people.