Suffolk vineyard gets all-clear to host events all-year-round

The site of Scarff's Farm Vineyard who has applied for planning application to hold events all year round.

The site of Scarff's Farm Vineyard who has applied for planning application to hold events all year round. - Credit: Google Maps

A vineyard near Stowmarket has had its planning application approved to hold events all year round.

Charlotte Scarff, premises supervisor for Scarff's Farms & Vineyards, spoke at Mid Suffolk licensing committee, where she detailed hopes to hold events such as seasonal tastings, weddings, and wine tours.

The licence includes alcohol to be sold until 11pm, and live and amplified music to be played between 8am and 11pm.

The company said: "Our vineyard will create a number of skilled jobs.

"We thought a number of conditions should be applied to ensure we protect our neighbours

"Events with over 51 attendees will be just 20 a year, for example harvest celebrations.

"Wedding events will also be just 20, and we'll make sure residents are always kept informed of events."

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The licence was approved by the council but concerns were raised by residents about noise, traffic and lighting.

One concerned resident said: "Up to 50 cars could be leaving the site at any one time, that’s 30 minutes of consistent traffic.

"They'll be accelerating as they leave the vineyard and when they go past neighbouring properties. That will result in a lot of noise and especially late at night, headlights lighting up people's gardens and front windows."

Another resident said: "The car park is within 20 yards of our property and with overflow parking, it goes to the bottom of our garden.

"Our property will be turned into a roundabout with a one-way system for the overflow car park which I would not want.

"The new proposal sounds like it is turning into a pub, with multiple options of alcohol being served until 11pm rather than vineyard wines being sold until 6pm. The signs asking people to leave quietly strike me as what you'd find at a pub."

The licence was approved but with conditions. The council said "one condition will include a letter to all immediate neighbours of the property".

Another condition will be amended so the total number of events per calendar month will be three rather than the proposed four, meaning one weekend a month there will be no event taking place.

Another condition will ensure the licensed activities in outdoor areas will cease by 11pm rather than 11.30pm.

The council also added a condition that no fireworks will be allowed anywhere on the premises at any point.