Local elections - Ipswich: Labour back in power

IPSWICH: Labour are back in power at the borough after six and a half years in opposition.

The party won three seats from the Conservatives and two from the Lib Dems to hold 28 of the 48 seats at the borough.

The Liberal Democrats suffered a disaster – losing all three seats they were defending, including mayor Jane Chambers’ Alexandra seat.

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Full results:

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Alexandra: Harvey Crane (L), 1158, Jane Chambers (LD), 577, Steve Flood (C), 449, Jane Scott (Gn), 155.

Bixley: Kym Stroet (C), 1518 Elango Elavalakan (L), 833,Clive Witter (LD), 388.

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Bridge: Phil Smart (L), 1150, James Spencer (C), 712 Juliet Groves (LD), 204.

Castle Hill: David Goldsmith (C), 1262, John Harris (L), 837, Robin Whitmore (LD), 180, Jenny Overett (Gn), 174.

Gainsborough: Martin Cook (L), 1263, Carol Debman (C), 623, Jill Atkins (LD), 141.

Gipping: Peter Gardiner (L), 1204, Maureen Springle (C), 544, Stuart McHardy (LD), 226.

Holywells: Liz Harsant (C), 968, Ken Douglas (L), 875, Rebecca Robinson (LD), 213, Dale Jackson (Ind),114.

Priory Heath: Bill Knowles (L), 1290, Oliver Hartley (C), 605, Matthew Baker (LD), 244.

Rushmere: Tracy Grant (L), 1490, Stephen Ion (C), 1215, Gareth Jones (LD), 246.

Sprites: Roger Fern (L), 1202, Bob Hall (C), 781, Ken Toye (LD), 126.

St John’s: Neil Macdonald (L), 1534, Edward Phillips (C), 948, Richard Hardacre (LD), 253.

St Margaret’s: Sarah Stokes (C), 1167, Cathy French (LD),1107, Kim Cook (L), 671, Amy Drayson (Gn), 211.

Stoke Park: Richard Pope (C), 876, Barry Studd (L), 985, Kevin Lock (LD), 103, Barry Broom (Gn), 126.

Westgate: Julian Gibbs (L), 972, Lee Reynolds (C), 435, Tim Lockington (LD), 391, John Mann (Gn), 171.

Whitehouse: Martin Goonan (L), 950, Pam Stewart (C), 632, Robert Chambers (LD), 241.

Whitton: Stephen Connelly (L), 1108, Michelle Bevan (C), 940, Nicholas Jacob (LD), 158.

Key: (L) Labour, (C) Conservative, (LD) Liberal Democrat, (Gn) Green, (Ind) Independent.

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