Local elections - Suffolk Coastal: Tories easily retain control

SUFFOLK Coastal remains in Conservative control after a day of few surprises.

Votes were counted for the coastal districts at Suffolk Police headquarters in Martlesham.

Overall voter turnout in Suffolk Coastal is up 8% on 2007 to 49.3%. Highest turnout was in Yoxford where 61.9% voted. The lowest turnout was in Felixstowe West where just 37.3% voted. The Saxmundham count was delayed for a recount.

Results will be updated on this page as they come in.

Earl Soham: Robert Snell (C) 738*, Tony Dockerill (L) 243

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Hacheston: Graham Peck (C) 483*, Lesley Bensley (L) 191, Andrew Houseley (LD) 166, Rachel Fulcher (Gn) 117

Grundisburgh: Anthony Fryatt (C) 665*, Eric Middleton (L) 289

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Hollesley with Eyke: Jane Marson (C) 579*, Janet Snell (L) 318

Felixstowe South: Peter Coleman (C) 694*, Joan Sennington (C) 693*, Richard Reaville (L) 375, Andrew Tink (L) 352, Gerard Hughes (LD) 316, David Miller (LD) 301

Otley:Peter Bellfield (C) 777*, Peter Stone (L) 241

Kesgrave West: Deborah McCallum (C) 877*, Robert Grimwood (C) 692*, Anna Hubert-Chibnall (L) 427

Rendlesham: Terence Eastman (C) 659*, Hugo Martineau-Needham (L) 321

Peasenhall: Stephen Borroughes (C) 604*, Roger Benstead (L) 331

Aldeburgh: Marianne Fellowes (C) 833*, Terry-Jill Haworth (C) 766*, Sarah Duerr (Ind) 575, Stephen Day (LD) 455

Felixstowe North: Michael Deacon (L) 887*, Kimberley Williams (L) 687*, Wayne Dye (C) 572, Michael Titchener (C) 563

Felixstowe South East: Janet Garfield (C) 892*, Andrew Smith (C) 849*, James Bennett (LD) 639, Cherrie MacGregor (LD) 513, Ruth McGrath (L) 377

Woodbridge Farlingaye: Diana Ball (LD) 316*, Patricia Mulcahy (C) 245, William White (L) 202

Sutton: Christine Block (LD) 502*, James Adeane (C), Thomas Bolger (L) 125

Framlingham: Christopher Hudson (C) 1040*, Colin Walker (C) 900*, John Clough (L) 447, Edward Thompson (Gn) 436, Edna Salmon (L) 355

Wickham Market: Bryan Hall (LD) 486*, Valerie Pizzey (L) 126, Diane Smith (C) 191

Woodbridge Kyson: Edward Binns (C) 317*, Vanessa Gregory (LD) 274, Roy Burgon (L) 163

Yoxford: Barry Slater (Ind) 594*, Helen Williams (C) 386

Felixstowe West: Stuart Bird (C) 590*, Michael Sharman (L) 590*, Margaret Morris (L) 574*, Henry Dangerfield (LD) 547, Stephen Beedle (C) 546, John Mullen (L) 535, Jeremy Moore (C) 503, Michael Ninnmey (LD) 479, Peter Woods (LD) 454

Woodbridge Seckford: Jason Sayles (C) 477*, Victor Harrup (LD) 298, Susan Bale (L) 162

Witnesham: Steven Hudson (C) 659*, Anthony Scott (L) 207

Felixstowe East: Doreen Savage (C) 1150*, Christopher Slemmings (C) 1013*, Gillian Mason(Ind) 570, Harriet Bennett (L) 373, Bernard Price (LD) 310, Heather Mullen (L) 260

Woodbridge Riverside: Geoffrey Holdcroft (C) 538*, Kathleen Yule (LD) 306, Andrew Corston (L) 152

Rushmere St Andrew: Robert Whiting (C) 1422*, John Withey (C) 1405*, Mark Newton (C) 1393*, Stanley Robinson (L) 728

Walberswick and Wenhaston: Michael Gower (C) 595*, Anne Thomas (L) 319

Nacton: Veronica Falconer (C) 1113*, Patricia O’Brien (C) 1103*, Andrew Leeder (L) 377, Betsy Reid (Gn) 357, Peter Waller (L) 322

Kesgrave East: Sally Ogden (C) 1405*, Angela Neale (C) 1390*, John Klaschka (C) 1343*, David Isaacs (L) 704, Barbara Dockerill (L) 606, Derrick Fairbrother (LD) 561, James Howard (Gn) 542, Manooch Azmoodeh (LD) 443

Melton and Ufford: Michael Bond (C) 1110*, James Bidwell (C) 1101*, Jeremy Bale (L) 470, Cerys Shepherd (L) 452, John Ball (LD) 405

Martlsham: John Kelso (LD) 1110*, Christopher Blundell (C) 960*, Paul Callaghan (C) 484, Leo Brome (Ind) 340, Adam Leeder (L) 264, Howard Needham (L) 225, David Keeble (Gn) 193, John Forbes (Gn) 181

Trimleys with Kirton: Susan Harvey (C) 1053*, Graham Harding (C) 981*, Richard Kerry (C) 948, Sherrie Green (Ind) 762, Justine Good (L) 568, Neville Mayes (L) 560, Andrew Marfleet ( LD) 379, Ian Burnett (LD) 308

Leiston: Anthony Cooper (C Ind) 841*, Andrew Nunn (C) 805*, Trevor Hawkins (C) 745, Terence Hodgson (L) 651, Nigel Parker (C) 581, Brian Cox (L) 529, Stephen Smedley (L) 422, Anna Clark (Gn) 351

Saxmundham: Peter Batho (C) 843*, Marian Andrews (LD) 596*, Joseph Cassels (Gn) 347, Richard Smith (C) 505, Donald Tricker (Ind) 425, Keith Dickerson (LD) 335,

Orford and Tunstall: Raymond Herring (C)*

Snape: Phillip Dunnett (C)*

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