Long Melford or 'Long Hell-ford'?

IT commands nearly £300,000 for an average home and was named the seventh best place to live in the country - but some residents in Long Melford are not happy.

IT commands nearly £300,000 for an average home and was named the seventh best place to live in the country.

But for one resident Long Melford has turned into “Long Hellford” and she now plans to quit the village because of incessant noise from traffic.

Carol Pociecha said she felt compelled to come forward after reading the village was named the seventh best village in the country in which to live by the estate agency Savills.

Ms Pociecha said she acknowledged the village was among the most scenic in the county but claimed heavy traffic was blighting quality of life along Hall Street and the High Street.

She said: “It did upset me when I read the article because where I live traffic noise is ruining the village. I felt compelled to write the truth about the village.

“I don't have double glazing but even if I did I don't think it would make much difference. The noise is so loud I can't hear the television and it is destroying my quality of life.

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“Sometimes I have to go for a walk just to get away from the considerable din of cars.

“I am moving because I find it quite awful but I am not sure what can be done for the village. It is a shame but cars ruin Long Melford.

“It is a beautiful place but if you live here it is not actually like that.”

Iain Wotherspoon, chairman of Long Melford Parish Council, said efforts had been made to reduce traffic noise in the village and said it was not a problem for most of the residents.

He said: “Everyone wants the village to be quieter but it doesn't represent a problem.

“Last year we implemented a weight restriction in the village and it has had a significant benefit. I can sleep with both my windows open.”

Last month the EADT reported that average house prices in the county hit £214,000- bucking the national trend of decline or stagnation. But experts said the growth had now petered out, with the national slowdown being reflected locally - welcome news for first-time buyers struggling to get a foothold on the housing ladder.

However, for the privilege of living in Long Melford prospective buyers will still have to fork out £290,866 for an average house in the village - 47% more than a similar property elsewhere in Suffolk.