Lorry drivers in court over late night dispute on A14 at Rougham

The A14 near Rougham

The A14 near Rougham - Credit: Archant

An Essex lorry driver accused of assaulting another HGV driver in a late night incident on the A14 at Rougham near Bury St Edmunds has claimed he was head butted by the alleged victim.

James Piscina told a jury at Ipswich Crown Court he had been forced to do an emergency stop after Stephen Pearson overtook a lorry driven by his brother Jay Piscina and pulled in too quickly in front of it.

Piscina, who had been driving in convoy with his brother, pulled in to the side of the road after seeing his brother and Mr Pearson’s lorries had stopped.

He claimed that during an exchange of words Mr Pearson accused him of damaging his wing mirror and had then butted him and kicked him.

He said his brother Jay had rugby tackled Mr Pearson who he claimed was “going mad” and trying to kick and punch him.

James Piscina said he had punched Mr Pearson twice to stop him hitting him and had then restrained him until he calmed down.

He said that the month before the alleged incident he had surgery to repair a hernia and had only returned to work that week.

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He said he had stopped his lorry to find out what was going on and not to assault Mr Pearson.

James Piscina, 31, of Pollards Villas, Braintree and Jay Piscina, 30, of Deanery Gardens, Braintree have denied assaulting Mr Pearson causing him actual bodily harm on February 27.

Mr Pearson was allegedly repeatedly punched and kicked by James and Jay Piscina and suffered suspected broken ribs, bruising to his eye, a split lip, bruising and cuts. He managed to continue his journey to Felixstowe Docks after the alleged incident and was later taken to hospital.

Jay Piscina said he had intervened after seeing Mr Pearson head butt his brother in the face.

He denied punching Mr Pearson and claimed he had only restrained him.

The trial continues today.