Lotto winning couple pledge 'we won't change'

VIDEO A couple from Suffolk who scooped nearly £4million on the National Lottery have revealed what's top of their shopping list.

A COUPLE from Suffolk who scooped nearly £4million on the National Lottery have revealed what's top of their shopping list.

Stan and Pat Cable, who live near Eye, were speaking this morning at a press conference at Hintlesham Hall, near Ipswich.

The couple, who have been married for 37 years, won £3,980,528 in the Lotto draw on May 17.

However they are planning to keep their feet firmly on the ground - with plans for a holiday, a new car and a top of the range caravan.

Mr Cable, 62, a retired groundsman with Mid-Suffolk District Council, said: We don't really have a lot of plans for the money yet - we're not sure what we want to buy.”

Mrs Cable, who will soon be celebrating her 60th birthday, added: “It was a huge shock. Over the years we've had a hard time getting enough money. It takes us three years to save up for a coach trip to Scotland.”

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But now they will receive monthly interest payments of £10,000 from the jackpot, which was shared between two tickets.

Mrs Cable revealed she had already been “told off” by her husband for spending £100 on a new Radley handbag.

“I went shopping on Saturday in Norwich with my niece and a bought a new handbag and got told off when I got home because it was too much money,' she joked.

Mr Cable said: “When she came home, I just said 'what?' That's me - I can't change in five minutes. Having had to count every penny for so many years, that was my reaction.”

A new sofa, a 4x4 vehicle to replace their 11-year-old Vectra and a shirt and tie for Mr Cable are among the items they plan to purchase.

Mr Cable said: “We don't want to move as we love our home. But we'd both like to buy a caravan and go on a holiday of a lifetime.

“Pat doesn't like flying so it'll probably be a cruise.

“I'd also like a big 4x4, but Pat's not keen. What we really need is a new sofa as we've only ever had two in all 37 years of our married life.”

Mrs Cable said a new caravan was the main priority so they could continue to enjoy holidays in north Norfolk.

She added: “I don't know what we're going to do with the rest of the money.

"It won't change us. We will just have money to buy what we want. We won't have to worry about the pennies any more.”

The couple were about to wash their border terrier, Rudi, when Mr Cable said he wanted to check the Lotto ticket, which was bought at Woolworth's in Stowmarket.

“Next thing I knew he was telling me we'd got all six numbers,” his wife said. “We were in such complete shock we had to go to the nearest shop to double check the numbers and then we went to our niece to triple check them on the internet.”

They have been playing the lottery since it started nearly 14 years ago and have always used the same numbers - 3, 11, 12, 41, 46 and 47.

“There's nothing particularly special about the numbers,” Mrs Cable said. “We actually won £10 again this Saturday - but I don't think we'll be cashing that just yet!” she joked.


- A four bedroom apartment in Queens Gate, South Kensington, costs £3.85m.

- Six Bugatti Veyrons (the most expensive street legal car available on the market at £604,033 each.)

-The couple could charter a 45.3m luxury yacht in the Mediterranean for 44 weeks (at a cost of £88,631 a week.)

-Around 200 top of the range four berth Eccles Elite Explorer caravans (at £18,225 each)

-About 3,000 leather sofas (at £1,289 each)

-Premiership footballer Andy Reid - who transferred from Charlton to Sunderland for £4m.

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