Lowestoft: Hang glider stuck in tree

A HANG glider was caught up in a daring rescue today after getting himself tangled up in a tree.

The daredevil was sailing through the skies near Corton Cliffs, off Corton Road in Lowestoft, when he got into the spot of bother at around 11.20am.

Firefighters from Lowestoft South were despatched to help, along with advanced water rescue teams from Bungay and Elmswell and a hydraulic platform from Great Yarmouth.

They arrived to find the man suspended about 35ft high in the tree, and used ladders and a hydraulic platform to reach him.

It took until 12.50pm to free the man, who was not injured but was checked over by paramedics, and firefighters are now battling to free the glider from the tree to avoid any further danger to passers-by.

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