Lowestoft man is acquitted of driving his vehicle at a police officer

Man cleared of driving at police officer

Man cleared of driving at police officer - Credit: Nick Butcher

A Suffolk man accused of driving his car at a policeman after being asked to stop by police officers investigating the use and supply of drugs in Lowestoft has been cleared by a jury

Pc Andrew Hodds was allegedly struck on his shins by the bumper of a black Vauxhall Astra convertible driven by Lance Blythe in Lawson Court, Lowestoft, in March last year, Ipswich Crown Court heard.

Pc Lee Bowles told the court that Pc Hodds had approached Blythe’s car and told him he “needed to stop”, but Blythe had driven forward slowly and hit Pc Hodds’ shins.

“It jolted him but didn’t knock him off his feet,” said Pc Bowles.

He said Pc Hodds hadn’t needed medical treatment after the alleged incident.

Blythe had allegedly driven off and was later arrested in a car park.

Blythe, 31, of Oakwood Road, Lowestoft, denied assaulting a police officer and obstructing a police officer on March 28 last year and was cleared of both offences.

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Matthew Sorel-Cameron, prosecuting, said Pc Hodds and Pc Bowles had gone to Lawson Court to investigate the use and supply of drugs in the area.

The officers, who were in plain clothes, had carried out a drugs search on a couple who were sitting in a car in Lawson Court when Blythe pulled up and spoke to the man who had just been searched.

When Pc Bowles told Blythe he wanted to speak to him he had driven off and turned his car round.

When Pc Bowles approached Blythe again, Blythe said he didn’t have to stop and when Pc Hodds approached him Blythe had allegedly driven at him.

Blythe claimed he had stopped in Lawson Court to offer help because he thought a car had broken down.

He said he didn’t know the men who tried to get him to stop were police officers as they hadn’t identified themselves.

He denied driving his car at one of them.