Lowestoft: Paul Duell locked up indefinitely after attack exposes “explosive temper”

A THUG with an “explosive temper” who knocked another man unconscious during an argument and then robbed him of his dog has been locked up indefinitely.

Paul Duell, 39, became involved in a confrontation after going to a house where his brother had a room, to check on food in the freezer before his sibling’s release from prison, Ipswich Crown Court was told.

When Duell went into the property in Stanley Street, Lowestoft, Paul Andrews, who lived at the premises, was reluctant to let him in, because he did not know him.

Giving evidence during a trial earlier this year, he claimed Duell attacked him and stamped on his leg while he was on the ground, causing a fracture.

A week later on November 18 Duell had returned to the premises and told Mr Andrews that he wanted his dog and if he did not let him have it he would use further violence against him.

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Duell, of Alma Road, Lowestoft, was found not guilty of causing grievous bodily harm with intent but guilty of a less serious offence of unlawful wounding. He was also found guilty of robbery.

Sentencing Duell to an indeterminate sentence for public protection Judge John Holt said the defendant had an “explosive temper”.

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“You are capable of powerful and unpredictable violence and you are proud of it,” said the judge.

He directed that Duell should serve a minimum of 27 months – less 275 days he has spent in custody – before he could be considered for release by the parole board.

Riel Karmy-Jones, for Duell, said her client had been physically abused as a child and had spent more than 18 years of his life in custody.

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