What are the Lowestoft and Southwold tide times this weekend?

Southwold beach and pier at sunrise. Picture: GRAEME TAPLIN

Southwold beach and pier at sunrise. Picture: GRAEME TAPLIN - Credit: Graeme Taplin

For those looking for a nice autumnal stroll along the Suffolk coast this weekend, there will be plenty of time during daylight hours to walk along the beach while the tide is out.

Southwold beach huts. Picture: NICK BUTCHER

Southwold beach huts. - Credit: Nick Butcher

The Met Office publishes tide timetables for some of Britain’s main coastal resorts, so that people know the safest times for walking along the beach or sailing.

The differing tide times are caused by the interaction between the moon, sun and Earth.

As the positions of Earth, sun and moon change in relation to each other, the gravitational pull on the oceans varies.

This causes a change in the height of the sea, meaning the tides go out and in.

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UK beaches mostly experience a semi-diurnal tide, meaning there are two high tides and two low tides each day.

These occur approximately every 12hrs, 25mins.

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The tide times in Lowestoft and Southwold this weekend are:


? Saturday, October 20 - low tides 2.13am and 2.46pm, high tides 7.58am and 9.34pm

? Sunday, October 21 - low tides 2.56am and 3.28pm, high tides 8.53am and 10.11pm


? Saturday, October 20- low tides 1.18am and 1.51pm, high tides 6.53am and 8.29pm

? Sunday, October 21 - low tides 2.01am and 2.33pm, high tides 7.48am and 9.06pm

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