‘You violate and terrify me’ - victim pens poem to man who tried to break into his home

Ipswich Crown Court Picture: ARCHANT

Ipswich Crown Court Picture: ARCHANT - Credit: ARCHANT

A man left terrified and violated after watching CCTV of an attempted break in at his Lowestoft home wrote a poem to describe the pain caused to he and his wife.

Judge Overbury read about the poem in court Picture: SARAH LUCY BROWN

Judge Overbury read about the poem in court Picture: SARAH LUCY BROWN - Credit: Archant

In a victim statement Darren Pavitt said he had written the poem as a way of helping him and his wife to come to terms with CCTV footage they had viewed of 39-year-old Jamie Appleby trying to get into their home earlier this year - and the poem was read in court today by the judge.

"One of our ongoing concerns is of repeat visits and possible future crime and we feel vulnerable in that regard despite having good security," said Mr Pavitt.

Before sentencing Appleby to 40 months imprisonment at Ipswich Crown Court, Judge Rupert Overbury read out Mr Pavitt's poem and said it was important the defendant, who has four previous convictions for house burglaries, understood how people when he violated their homes.

As the judge read the poem Appleby hung his head in the dock and dabbed his eyes with a tissue.

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Appleby, of Coppice Court, Britten Road, Lowestoft admitted attempted burglary at Mr Pavitt's home in Summerfield Gardens on June 20 and burglary with intent to steal at another property in the same road on the same day.

Also before the court was Kelly Buckley, 32, of the same address, who denied attempted burglary and burglary with intent to steal and was cleared of both offences after the prosecution offered no evidence against her.

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Claire Matthews, prosecuting, said the two offences had happened within minutes of each other.

The owner of one of the properties had returned home in the early afternoon to find that a garden spade had been used to get into his conservatory.

The owner found that although nothing had been stolen there was damage to a window, a lock and a door frame.

While police were investigating that burglary they viewed CCTV footage from Mr Pavitt's premises and discovered that Appleby had also tried to break into his home minutes before the burglary at his neighbour's home by trying the side gate and the front door.

The court heard that Appleby has 127 previous convictions including 84 for dishonesty.

Lynne Shirley for Appleby said he was remorseful and had reached a turning point in his life.

Darren Pavitt's poem:

You made your choices, I made mine

You seek to rob me, that's a crime

I care not for your circumstance

As you care not for mine,

You violate and terrify, you are devoid of pride

You infiltrate a victim's thoughts

Affect our daily lives,

You are without compassion

You do not deserve mine

Jails are made for folk like you

I hope you serve a very long time,

Time to reflect to make a change

To choose another way

Reflect upon the lives you ruin

On what you see as a normal day

A normal day for me is work

Twelve hours of toil and travel

You care not how hard I work

Or how my life may unravel

You must now face justice

I hope it serves me well

Think of the choices you have made

As you linger in your cell.

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