Lucky, lucky Lynne

The sudden warmth has brought out the worst in our feathered friends.

We have two pairs of great tits (stop it) nesting in the garden and they have a most insistent high-pitched cheep.

Of course, we are delighted to have so many beautiful tits (stop it, I said) in our tiny town garden but if they could just keep the noise down until 7am...

Meanwhile, the seagulls have been dive-bombing my car. It is now a blue car with large white spots. It doesn’t matter where it is parked, they find it.

It looks like a Jackson Pollock. In the car park at work only my car has been selected for this special treatment.

Some people say a direct hit is lucky, in which case I am due a jackpot lottery win this weekend... and next.

Meanwhile, John Harold of Ipswich writes on the subject of acronyms on letters. “I was told of BELGIUM but I cannot remember this one... can you help?”

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He adds that he hopes it is not too X-rated.

I can’t track this one down, John, but I’m sure someone out there will know.

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