Teenager may never walk unaided again after 'absolutely horrific' crash

Lucy on her motorbike with little brother William and sister Katie

Lucy on her motorbike with little brother William and sister Katie - Credit: Lucy Sturgess

A teenager with her whole life ahead of her has been told she may never walk unaided again, after being thrown from her motorbike during a crash in Colchester.

Lucy Sturgess suffered serious injuries to her left leg after being involved in the incident in Magnolia Drive at 5pm on Sunday, March 28.

After being airlifted to Addenbrooke's Hospital, in Cambridge, where she underwent two surgeries, doctors have told the 17-year-old she may need a wheelchair or crutches for the rest of her life.

Lucy Sturgess in Addenbrooke's Hospital after the Magnolia Drive Colchester crash

Lucy has been in Addenbrooke's Hospital after being involved in the crash while riding her motorbike - Credit: Lucy Sturgess

Her family are now raising money to cover the costs of extensive mobility equipment, which she may need in the future. They have already raised more than £1,000 on JustGiving.

"I had taken a few tumbles in the rain before this, but never required any medical attention — that day was just absolutely horrific," said Lucy, who shares a love of motorcycle riding with her dad, uncle and cousin Liam.

"I felt my foot grind across the floor and then remember laying there under my bike, looking down and seeing no skin on my foot and the bone."

Lucy is likely to spend at least another four weeks at Addenbrooke's, undergoing two more surgeries.

Even after that, she will be moved to Colchester Hospital for further treatment and has no idea when she will return home.

Doctors are unsure if Lucy will ever walk unaided again

Doctors are unsure if Lucy will ever walk unaided again - Credit: Lucy Sturgess

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"During my first surgery, when they irrigated the wound, they found shards of metal and flakes of paint in my leg from the car," she said.

"I am due to have another two surgeries and each time we learn more so we're just having to roll with the punches at the moment, but I will probably never be able to ride a motorbike again."

Yet perhaps even more difficult than the physical pain is the toll her injuries have taken on her mental health.

Due to coronavirus restrictions, only her parents have been able to visit - meaning she has been unable to see her boyfriend, who she lives with, and her three sisters.

She is also unsure whether she will be able to complete her level three qualification in hospitality management and supervision at Colchester Institute.

"My mental health has taken a massive toll in this," she said.

"I don't sleep at night because of the PTSD and being away from my partner is challenging."

Yet despite all the pain, she never forgot those who helped her at the scene of the crash immediately after the accident.

The first member of the public on scene was a young woman named Ella, who comforted Lucy by holding her head until paramedics arrived.

Lucy with her new friend Ella who was the first on scene at the accident in Colchester

Lucy with her new friend Ella who was the first on scene at the accident in Colchester - Credit: Lucy Sturgess

The first thing Lucy said after waking up in hospital was: "Do you remember Ella?" 

"I asked her to come see me and she did the very next day with flowers," said Lucy, after Ella had made contact with the family using Facebook.

"The bond we have now is absolutely incredible and we are like two peas in a pod — best friends for life — and she will always remain a figure of hope to me."

To donate to Lucy's JustGiving page, click here.

Lucy was completing a level 3 qualification in Hospitality Management and Supervision at Colchester Institute

Lucy was completing a level three qualification in hospitality management and supervision at Colchester Institute before the accident - Credit: Lucy Sturgess

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