Luscious the lonely chinchilla finds a home

LUSCIOUS, the formerly lonely chinchilla, can now put her solitary past behind her, thanks to her new best playmate Taz.

Naomi Cassidy

LUSCIOUS, the formerly lonely chinchilla, can now put her solitary past behind her, thanks to her new best playmate Taz.

The cute rodent became withdrawn after she arrived at the RSPCA animal centre in Martlesham as she had no other chinchillas to socialise with.

However following a story in the paper last month appealing for potential owners to come forward, she has now been happily re-homed and has gained a new buddy.

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Taz, a ten-year-old male chinchilla, has been alone for four years and is delighted with the new company.

It took just three days for the pair to accept each other and even share a cage, and now their owner, Wendy Woodward, believes there may even be a blossoming romance on the cards.

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Miss Woodward, of Melford Road, Stowmarket, said: “I saw the picture of Luscious in the paper and I thought she was adorable. I felt sorry for her because she was homeless and as I have a chinchilla, I thought I could give her a home.

“My chinchilla has been on his own for four years so I was thinking of getting him some company anyway. I've definitely noticed a change-he is more active and seems a lot happier. I think he is in love!

“Luscious was a bit shy at first but she has come out of her shell. They love playing with each other.”

Miss Woodward, 45, who has owned chinchillas for 19 years, claims she loves the pets because they all have different characters. She will now have her hands full as she already has two guinea pigs, a gerbil and a cat.

Becky Fox, deputy manager of the RSCPA centre, said: “We had quite a lot of interest in Luscious but some people's accommodation wasn't quite what we were looking for.

“We would like to thank everyone who expressed an interest in her and responded to the story.”

Luscious was originally from a home in Stowmarket but her owners did not have enough time to look after her and so she was taken to the Martlesham centre in March.

If you are interested in homing an animal call the RSPCA centre on 01473 623280.

Tips on caring for a chinchilla:-

- The RSPCA recommends that chinchillas should have a large cage with different levels as they like to climb and remain active.

- It needs to be in a quiet area so the sleeping chinchilla is not disturbed in the day and it should not be in direct sunlight or near radiators.

- They need to get regular health checks, particularly for any dental problems

- They are nocturnal animals and eat hay

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