Lynford/Thetford: Police deal with illegal rave attended by about 400 people

Police cordoned off a street after a stabbing in Colchester

Police cordoned off a street after a stabbing in Colchester - Credit: Archant

Police are currently at the scene of a rave in the Lynford area, near Thetford, that is thought to have started just after midnight.

Officers attended the site and efforts were made to contain the area at ‘fire-ride 40’, in the Grimes Graves area of the forest.

Police blocked off access points to prevent further people entering. During the night it is thought about 400 people were in attendance with about 200 vehicles parked up.

In the interests of officer safety and considering the large numbers in attendance the event was closely monitored throughout the early hours of the morning.

Officers have been carrying out intelligence and evidence gathering processes in relation to vehicles and individuals present. Air support from a police helicopter was also used to monitor the incident and gather evidence.

The incident remains on-going and officers will look to close the event in a safe and controlled manner at an appropriate time.

Superintendent Stuart Gunn said: “It continues to be disappointing that people who attend such raves believe that it is acceptable to trespass, cause disruption and damage the forest.

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“Those attending this event showed a complete disregard for road safety, the flora and fauna of the forest, residents in the local community, as well a lack of concern for their own safety.

“During the course of the night, officers monitored the incident and did what was possible in the circumstances to maintain road safety and limit damage to the land.”

Enquiries by officers will continue into establishing who the organiser or organisers were with a view to prosecution, and will also deal with any offences committed.

Whenever possible Norfolk Constabulary will seek to take positive action, seize equipment and prosecute offenders in line with the wishes of affected communities.