Did you see the sky light up tonight?

The Lyrid meteor shower was briefly visible from earth (file photo) Picture: GETTY IMAGES

The Lyrid meteor shower is visible from earth (file photo) Picture: GETTY IMAGES - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Stargazers hoping to spot the Lyrid meteor shower in the skies over Suffolk and Essex were instead treated to a view of the Starlink satellites - known as SpaceX.

The Lyrid meteor shower – which takes place annually and is named after the constellation Lyra – was forecast to be visible with the naked eye from April 16 to April 25.

But instead the skies were tonight lit up by the low orbiting satellites, which passed by around 9.30pm and were expected to travel back at 11pm.

Suffolk astronomer Neil Norman said: “There are about 300 up there, but there could thousands in the future.” For those hoping to see the Lyrid meteor shower, the peak is expected late on Tuesday night and into Wednesday morning. If the skies remain clear, it is possible the showers will still be visible over the next few nights. •Share your pictures of the meteor shower or the satellites via email

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