Main Bills in Queen's Speech

SOME of the main Bills which the Government intends to introduce in the next 18 monthsIdentity Card Bill: Phases the introduction of ID cards to counter identity fraud.

SOME of the main Bills which the Government intends to introduce in the next 18 months

Identity Card Bill: Phases the introduction of ID cards to counter identity fraud. Includes a new criminal offence of having false identity documents.

Incapacity Benefit Bill: Replaces existing incapacity benefit scheme with a revised system of benefits for new claimants.

Immigration and Asylum Bill: Introduces a points system for economic migrants, favouring those with in-demand skills. Outlines a "rationalised appeals system for managed migration routes." Includes measures to fingerprint visa applicants and allow full use of biometrically-enabled travel documents. Civil penalties for employers of illegal workers and limits appeal rights for students, workers and family visits.

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Education Bill: New powers for local councils and the standards watchdog Ofsted to tackle school failure and under-performance. Every child will have access to a tailored package of learning to help them in their weakest subjects, and maximise their opportunities in their strongest. Successful schools will be given greater independence, with more flexibility in the structure of governing bodies.

Health Bill: New measures to help the fight against MRSA through improved inspections and new sanctions where services fail. Includes measures to make most enclosed public places and workplaces smoke-free.

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Violent Crime Bill: Tougher laws on the sale of replica firearms, raises the minimum age on knife purchases from 16 to 18. Gives police the power to impose immediate 24-hour bans on pubs and clubs persistently selling alcohol to under-18s, and creates Alcohol Disorder Zones where licensed premises would pay for dealing with alcohol-related disorder.

Incitement to Religious Hatred Bill: Expands current offence of incitement to racial hatred in the Public Order Act 1986 to cover instances where people stir up hatred of others on the basis of their religious belief.

Electoral Administration Bill: New electoral fraud offences; introduces a marked register of postal votes received to prevent fraud and improve security markings on ballot papers.

Childcare Bill: Designed to ensure that an affordable, flexible, high quality child care place would be available to all families with children aged up to 14 who need it.

Parental Rights Bill: Extends statutory maternity pay and maternity allowance from six to nine months. Allows mothers to transfer some of their maternity leave and pay to the father.

Protecting Vulnerable Groups Bill: Acting on recommendation made by the Bichard Inquiry into the Soham murders for a registration scheme to prevent those who are deemed to be unsuitable from gaining access to children or vulnerable adults through their work.

Child Contact and Inter-Country Adoption Bill: Provides the courts with new powers to enforce contact orders and introduces a new framework for the suspension of adoptions from countries where there are concerns about the adoption process.

Mental Health Bill: Establishes a new legal framework for treating people with a mental disorder without their consent when they pose a risk to themselves or to others.

Natural Environment Bill: creates a single organisation, Natural England, to manage the natural environment

Olympics Bill: makes the necessary provisions in the event that London wins the 2012 Olympic Games.

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