Man, 20, jailed for trying to kill his mother

A MAN has today been sentenced to 12 years behind bars for attempting to murder his mother in a north Essex village.

Roddy Ashworth

A MAN was yesterday locked up for 12 years for attempting to murder his mother in a sustained, horrific and brutal ordeal meted out in a north Essex village.

Before yesterday's sentencing, a court heard that Jim Lee, then 19, attacked his mother with a broken glass in their Meadow Way home, Jaywick, placed a dog lead around her neck and dragged her outside before leading her to a nearby field.

He then slit her throat in front of his younger brother, who he had forced along after the distressed child had tried to phone the police to report the attack on November 30 last year.

Instead of cutting off the call, Lee grabbed the phone from the 12-year-old boy and gave a detailed ongoing 15-minute commentary to the emergency operator.

A tape of the call was later played in court.

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After slitting his mother's throat Lee left the scene, but he was eventually immobilised by a police Taser gun and arrested.

His mother was rushed to Colchester General Hospital.

The then 19-year-old unemployed man was subsequently charged with attempted murder.

Investigating officer, Ds Kevin Cooper, said: “This was a truly horrific attack which was witnessed by a young boy, the son of the victim and the brother of Jim Lee.

“It was sustained and he very nearly killed his mother.

“The 999 call was harrowing in itself.

“Although traumatic for the police call-handler, she was able to take down details and send officers to the scene quickly to ensure that this woman's life was saved.

“Jim Lee can reflect on his actions for many years.”

Lee, now 20, appeared at Chelmsford Crown Court yesterday morning and was sentenced for the offence to which he pleaded guilty on Wednesday, April 15.