Man escapes bedroom fire

A MAN was today treated for smoke inhalation after a fire broke in a bedroom in Nacton.

A COUPLE from Nacton today praised their smoke alarm and a quick-thinking gardener for saving their house from burning down.

A fire broke out in their son's bedroom at around 3.50pm yesterday when the house was empty.

But a man who was gardening outside their semi-detached home was able to alert the emergency services after hearing the alarm.

The couple, who did not wish to be named, said their son had lost some treasured possessions in the blaze.

However, firefighters successfully battled the inferno before it could tear through the whole house in Levington Road and threaten the adjacent property.

The couple had been at work when the fire started.

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The wife said: “If it weren't for the smoke alarm, the house would have gone. We are feeling very lucky because nobody's been hurt.

“You can replace material. The smoke damage is a bit upsetting, but fortunately we are insured.”

It was initially thought the fire had started in a music amplifier, but the couple said it was not known how it ignited.

Her husband added: “The fire brigade sorted it very efficiently. They were highly professional and we can't praise them enough.”