Man is jailed for hammer attack

A DRUNKEN man, who hit another man over the head with a hammer and then threatened police officers with a Samurai sword when they went to arrest him, has been jailed for four years and eight months.

Paul Murray became upset while at a house in Lowestoft Road, Carlton Colville, when he thought two men were talking about him, Ipswich Crown Court heard.

He told the men: “Don’t mess with me or I’ll stab you,” and had punched Wayne Herrington and Bruce Dalley in the face. Other guests at the house had intervened and Murray and his girlfriend had left the premises, Nicola May, prosecuting, said.

Murray had gone home, but while his girlfriend was getting changed he had returned to the house in Lowestoft Road and hit Mr Dalley over the head with a hammer, causing a horseshoe shaped cut.

Witnesses to the incident saw Murray holding a hammer in one hand and a modelling knife in the other.

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Murray was removed from the house and Mr Dalley was taken to hospital for treatment to his head wound.

Murray had again returned home and when police officers arrived at the premises he had come out brandishing a Samurai sword and encouraged his dog to attack the officers.

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Murray’s girlfriend persuaded him to return to the house and he had then reappeared without the sword.

Murray, 39, of Elm Close, Carlton Colville, admitted wounding Mr Dalley with intent to cause him grievous bodily harm, two offences of common assault and possession of a hammer, Samurai sword and modelling knife.

Srikartharajah Nereshraaj, for Murray, described his client’s behaviour as “unprovoked, unjustified and inexcusable”.

He said Murray, who had been exceptionally drunk, was deeply remorseful and ashamed.

He said his client had consumed 10 pints of lager and some “shots” on the night in question and could remember little of what happened.

“He has said he will never touch alcohol again as long as he lives,” Mr Nereshraaj said.

He said Murray had picked up the sword because he feared he was going to be the victim of a revenge attack, but had put it down when he realised the police were outside his house.

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