Man suffered serious groin injury in late-night attack, court hears

Halstead sign

Halstead sign - Credit: Su Anderson

A man suffered a serious injury to his groin after being held in a headlock by one man and kicked up to 20 times by his companion, it has been alleged.

Following the alleged late night attack in Kings Road, Halstead, Christopher Lillicrop was taken to Colchester Hospital where he had eight stitches in a cut to his forehead and was found to have a severe injury which destroyed his left testicle, Ipswich Crown Court was told.

Duncan O’Donnell, prosecuting told the court that shortly after midnight on July 14 2013 police received a telephone call from a resident of Kings Road who’d been woken up by a noise and when she looked out of her window she saw a man being beaten up by two other men.

The men were on her car and when she shouted she was going to call the police one of them shouted back:”He’s a paedophile. He’s a rapist.”

When the woman said the police were on the way she allegedly heard one of the men shout to the other:”He’s done. He’s done.Let’s go.”

Mr O’Donnell said another witness allegedly heard Mr Lillicrop shouting:”Get off me. I’ve done nothing wrong.”

Before the court are James Murray, 23, of Trinity Road, Halstead and Jordan Partridge, 25, of Juniper Close, Halstead who have denied wounding Mr Lillicrop with intent to cause him grievous bodily harm and a less serious alternative charge of inflicting grievous bodily harm on Mr Lillicrop on July 14 2013.

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Mr Lillicrop told police he’d been to a music festival and the Locomotive pub and was walking along Kings Road when two men came running up behind him and he recognised one of them as Murray.

He claimed that after being punched and kicked he tried to run away but had then been held in a headlock over a car. He claimed Partridge had punched him while Murray had allegedly kicked him in the groin up to 20 times.

Murray and Partridge claim they were acting in self defence.

The trial continues today.